Burst water pipe

A very interesting water pipe game. Somewhere in the town, the water pipe burst, and now the city has stopped water. As an excellent plumber repairman, this maintenance task will be handed over to you! In the game, the direction of the water pipe can be adjusted to allow the water to reach the destination. The difficulty of repairs will become more and more complicated. To prove that you are the best repairman!

Here you can learn the following knowledge points

Add and delete database changes, as well as customized demand packaging

Custom UITabBarController

Custom unlock interface

3DTouch simple application, and jump to the specified page

TouchID fingerprint unlock

iCloud data sharing and backup

Sort strings and NSObject object (model) sort logic ...


LZTabBarController: custom tabBarController;

LZSqliteTool: database-related operations package tool;

LZSortTool: a string or model to sort the tools;

LZiCloud: iCloud cloud synchronization / storage of operating tools, which is another way to operate iCloud LZiCloudDocument, this method has a problem, when the synchronization between devices, data access problems, there is no use;

LZStringEncode: customized codec tools for the project needs;

LZPasswordViewController: Mimic the system digital password interface, in the "Set Digital Password" (LZClass) group under the setting module;

LZGestureSecurity: gesture password drawing category, set the module under the "set password password" group;

The project's overall code size is not large, other details can be read directly project code.


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