20180410 status quo

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status quo /ˌsteɪtəsˈkwəʊ/


n. the status quo is the state of affairs that exists at a particular time, especially in contrast to a different possible state of affairs. 单数名词  现状,原状

the state of a situation as it is


status quo是不可数名词,意思是“现状”。是英文中常见的拉丁词,一般会说the status quo。它的特点是表意简洁,在口语和写作中都可以使用这个词,可以体现相当的词汇量。


1. There are more people who wish to maintain/preserve/keep the status quo than change it.

2. The policymakers are reluctant to change the satus quo because they have a vested intererst in the tobacco industry.

3. Most MPs believe, with reason, that Mrs May's imperfect compromise is worse than the status quo.

MP, members of Parliament 国会议员 

4. Today liberalism needs to escape its identification with elites and the status quo and rekindle that feforming spirit. 今天,自由主义需要摆脱对精英阶层和现状的认同,重新点燃这种变革的精神。

5. Liberal reformers at their best have shared a dissatisfaction with the status quo and a determination to attack established interests.在他们最好的情况下,自由派改革者都对现状感到不满,决心猛攻既得利益。



Not everyone is satisfied with the status quo.



The current status quo in China is more likely to that in Japan in the last 1980s.