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1 刘强东:AI既是技术也是一种思考方式


2 Plans to make the UK a world centre for driverless cars are a 'waste of time and money' according ...

Daily Mail
Almost two thirds of motorists said they would not buy a driverless cars despite plans to make the UK a world centre for the autonomous vehicles, a study suggests.

3 The biggest stories of 2017

Automotive News
The staff of Automotive News ranked the top 10 stories from 2017, and EVs, nowhere to be found on last year's list, shot to the No. 1 spot. There were plenty of other big stories keeping us busy in the past year. Autonomous vehicles are coming ever closer, whether anyone really wants them or not, and ...

4 Apple Self-Driving Cars Outlined In New leaked Patent

This has been particularly reinforced by a patent just published from the Californian corporation, which details a navigation system intended for Apple self-driving cars. It seems that the technology giant is making major progress on delivering autonomous-driving technology, even though the commercial ...


5 Driverless car? Not for me thanks, say most motorists

The Times
Plans to make the UK a world centre for driverless cars are a “waste of time and money” as research suggests that the public believes they are unsafe.

6 人工智能领域政策之法律解读

... 的实施意见》,2017年12月4日,浙江省发布《浙江省新一代人工智能发展规划》,提到要推动人工智能在市场消费方面的落地应用,涉及智能医疗、智能金融、智能商务、智能文创、智能物流等领域。

7 Taking a backseat can be history with self-driving cars

Don't even think of putting in the backseat … self-driving cars of the future could end up altering seating arrangements as well. “In two or three generations, people will be born with the concept of fully-autonomous transport and the concept of a backseat will disappear,” said Floris van de Klashorst, ...

8 CES Preview: Back to the future

Automotive News (blog)
Faurecia will display a concept interior for self-driving vehicles in a modified Renault Espace minivan. The seats will have biometric sensors to monitor the passengers' health. A dashboard screen will display videos and other infotainment options when the vehicle is in self-driving mode. And a control ...

9 The Most Important Skill In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

No doubt each of us has come in contact with Artificial Intelligence (AI) -- whether it is by shopping online and seeing 'suggested for you' products, or ads popping up in your Facebook feed, or at the bank when we are making a check deposit at the ATM. Other industries, ranging from health to fitness to ...

10 AI and Big Data Could Power a New War on Poverty

New York Times
When it comes to artificial intelligence and jobs, the prognostications are grim. The conventional wisdom is that A.I. might soon put millions of people out of work — that it stands poised to do to clerical and white collar workers over the next two decades what mechanization did to factory workers over the ...

11 Dark intentions: should we fear AI with purpose?

Artificial intelligences have goals and act to achieve them. That doesn't mean they'll take over the world any time soon, writes Australia's leading AI researcher, Toby Walsh.

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