Mac Terminal 不同颜色显示

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Terminal 下不同类型的文件显示不同的颜色
Terminal 默认的 shell 是 bash (提示符是 $)
在 ~ 先建立一个文件 ~/.bash_profile

export CLICOLOR=1
export LSCOLORS=gxfxaxdxcxegedabagacad

存盘, 退出Terminal, 重起Terminal.

如果你用的是 csh/tcsh (提示符是 %), 建立 ~/.cshrc 加入

setenv CLICOLOR 1
setenv LSCOLORS gxfxaxdxcxegedabagacad

存盘, 执行 source ~/.cshrc


    LSCOLORS The value of this variable describes what color to use
    for which attribute when colors are enabled with
    CLICOLOR. This string is a concatenation of pairs of the
    format fb, where f is the foreground color and b is the
    background color.

    The color designators are as follows:

    a black
    b red
    c green
    d brown
    e blue
    f magenta
    g cyan
    h light grey
    A bold black, usually shows up as dark grey
    B bold red
    C bold green
    D bold brown, usually shows up as yellow
    E bold blue
    F bold magenta
    G bold cyan
    H bold light grey; looks like bright white
    x default foreground or background

    Note that the above are standard ANSI colors. The actual
    display may differ depending on the color capabilities of
    the terminal in use.

    The order of the attributes are as follows:

    1. directory
    2. symbolic link
    3. socket
    4. pipe
    5. executable
    6. block special
    7. character special
    8. executable with setuid bit set
    9. executable with setgid bit set
    10. directory writable to others, with sticky bit
    11. directory writable to others, without sticky

    The default is “exfxcxdxbxegedabagacad”, i.e. blue fore-
    ground and default background for regular directories,
    black foreground and red background for setuid executa-
    bles, etc.