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Belgium vs Algeria

Belgium supporters packed an arena in Antwerp to watch the match unfold on a big screem
Belgium supporters packed an arena in Antwerp to watch the match unfold on a big screem

配图:Belgium supporters packed an arena in Antwerp to watch the match unfold on a big screem(好霸气的观看比赛的方式)

Goals from Marouane Fellaini and Dries Mertens saw Belgium come from behind to beat Algeria in their World Cup Group H opener in Belo Horizonte.

  • 看到这一句我就给跪下了,凝练,霸气,简洁。


腾讯体育6月18日讯 北京时间6月18日凌晨,2014年巴西世界杯H组首轮,比利时在贝洛奥里藏特的米内罗竞技场2比1逆转击败阿尔及利亚。第24分钟,费古利点球命中。第70和80分钟,两位替补费莱尼和默滕斯进球助比利时逆转。

新浪体育讯 北京时间6月18日0时(巴西时间17日13时),世界杯H组首轮在贝洛奥里藏特米内罗球场开始首场较量,比利时2比1逆转阿尔及利亚。热刺[微博]后卫维尔通亨送点,费古利主罚打进阿尔及利亚28年来首粒世界杯入球。下半时,替补费莱尼扳平,阿扎尔助攻另一位替补梅尔滕斯反超比分。

The north African side took a shock lead when Sofiane Feghouli scored from the spot after being fouled by Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen.

  • spot 点球的那个点
  • foul 犯规
  • Tottenham 托特纳姆热刺足球俱乐部

Manchester United's Fellaini, a second-half substitute,** equalised** with a looping header shortly after coming on.

  • substitute 替补
  • equalised 追平
  • looping header 带弧线的头球?

And Mertens scored the winner when he finished off a swift counter-attack.

  • counter-attack: an attack made as an offset or reply to another attack. 防守反击, swift counter-attack快速的防守反击。

The 80th-minute strike prompted an eruption of relief from the Belgium bench, not least from coach Marc Wilmots, who had spent most of the match looking understandably pensive.

  • erupt: if fighting, violence, noise etc erupts, it starts suddenly
  • Marc Wilmots 比利时队主教练

His side had 65% possession but for most of the game found it difficult to penetrate an Algeria defence marshalled by former Rangers centre-half Madjid Bougherra.

  • possession 控球
  • penetrate 穿透大门
  • Rangers 苏格兰流浪者俱乐部
  • Madjid Bougherra 阿尔及利亚后卫,现在失业中,无俱乐部雇佣他

The European side, the seeded team in the group and widely tipped to do well in Brazil after an impressive qualifying campaign, fielded an imposing starting XI, with the Chelsea pair of Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku in attack, while Spurs' Mousa Dembele(马刺球员NBA勇夺冠军后赶赴巴西助阵比利时) and former Chelsea man Kevin de Bruyne sat in midfield.

  • tip: be likely to succeed
  • Chelsea 英超切尔西俱乐部
  • Spurs 托特纳姆热刺, NBA的马刺是San Antonio Spurs

Pre-tournament fifth favourites with some bookmakers, they looked anything but for 69 minutes.

They were rocked in the 24th minute when forward Feghouli was hauled down by Vertonghen in the area as he aimed to convert Faouzi Ghoulam's cross.

The Valencia player recovered to sidefoot a tame penalty past another Blues player Thibaut Courtois, who dived the wrong way. That was Algeria's first World Cup goal since 1986 - 506 minutes of football.

  • Valencia 西甲巴伦西亚足球俱乐部
  • sidefoot 角球,Kick (a ball) with the inside of the foot, especially in soccer.
  • Blues 蓝军切尔西

Belgium's best early chances were from long distance and fell to Zenit St Petersburg's Axel Witsel, who had two efforts saved before failing to convert a header.

*Zenit St Petersburg 圣彼得堡泽尼特足球俱乐部

The pattern changed with the Belgium substitutions. First to test the goal was 19-year-old Lille striker Divock Origi, who forced a brilliant low save from Rais Mbolhi.

  • Lille 法甲里尔足球俱乐部

Gaps began to grow in a tiring Algeria defence, and a **fresh ** Fellaini took advantage of that when he outmuscled marker Carl Medjani and flicked his effort beyond the reach of Mbolhi.

  • outmuscle: to dominate or defeat by means of superior strength or power

The winner came from a move that showed off Belgium's attack at its best.

De Bruyne tackled Feghouli in his own half and when the ball found its way to Hazard on the left, the PFA young player of the year sped down the wing and fed Mertens(喂球), who slammed his shot high into the net.

  • tackle 抢断

Belgium almost grabbed a third through Fellaini, but Mbolhi produced another good save from point-blank range.

Belgium coach Marc Wilmots:

"It was a tough match but we were patient throughout and at the end we were rewarded.

"We stayed calm after doing a small mistake in the first half. We got a new momentum. We saw that Algeria were getting more and more tired. At half-time people were a bit down, but I said 'don't worry, we will score and we will change totally the match'."

** momentum 势头

Algeria coach Vahid Halilhodzic:

"It's a major disappointment. I would have liked to have a couple of tougher and more resilient players to resist their attacks but I don't have much of a choice.

"We missed a great opportunity here. But in the second half it was a bit tough. We left too much space to the Belgian team and the two goals scored against us were to be expected."


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