How to Hire


Hiring Principles:


Hiring is not a consequence of Success. Revenue and Customers are. Hiring is a consequence of our failure to create enough leverage, we need help, then we hire


最好的员工leverage 是普通员工的N倍。

There are surprisingly FEW in between.

Either the best, or the weak ones, you need to identify.

3、False Positive are OK, False Negative are NOT。

FP:would have been great but not.

FN: assume that somebody cannot be great but eventually he did great.

要警惕False Negative, 所以应该多多地去关注可能会好的。

Do not be afraid of hiring False Positives. Give people chances. Be afraid of missing the 20x employee.


4、文化是由我们所招募的人决定的。 (Culture-Contributors)

文化就应该是动态的。Expand like our business。

Hiring culture- fitters does not make our culture better, it just make our culture worse through decay.

所以,我们怎样才能找到20X employee呢?

Hiring Heuristics:

1、Strength VS. lack of weakness

Not a democracy. We do not vote.

The single purpose of an interviewing team is to answer the question, “what is this candidate amazing at?”

2、Trajectory VS Experience 

The best indicator that someone will have high Trajectory is if they value Trajectory over Experience. The tell? They get excited talking about what they could do rather than what they have done.

3、Doers VS Tellers

One way to find Doers is to ask a candidate how to do something and then ask them to do it. I ask engineers how they would solve a coding exercise or a sales rep how they would sell cap table software. After listening to the answer I ask them to take out their computer and write code or pretend I am a buyer and sell me software. You can quickly see who prefers doing something versus talking about doing it.

面试能力 与 有效性基本无关。

4、Learners VS Experts

Experts talk about what they know

Learners talk about what they don't know

5、Different VS Similar

Fight the bias: Hire people like us. Hire people that scares us to DEEEEAAAAATTTHHHHH ~

Diversity Dynamic Environment ~ 

6、Always Pass on Ego