95.Most parents who are generous are good parents, but someself-centered parents are also good parents. Yet all good parents share onecharacteristic; they are good listeners.

If all of the statements in the passage aretrue, which one of the following must also be true?

(A) All parents who are good listeners aregood parents.

(B) Some parents who are good listeners arenot good parent.

(C) Most parents who are good listeners aregenerous.

(D) Some parents who are good listeners areself-centered

(E) Fewer self-centered parents thangenerous parents are good listeners

96. Scientific research that involves international collaboration hasproduced papers of greater influence. As measured by the number of times apaper is cited in subsequent papers, than has research without anycollaboration. Papers that result from international collaboration are cited anaverage of seven times, whereas papers with single authors are cited only threetimes on average This difference shows that research projects conducted byinternational research teams are of greater importance than those conducted bysingle researchers.

Which one of the following is an assumptionon which the argument depends?

(A) Prolific writers can inflate the numberof citations they receive by citing themselves in Subsequent papers.

(B) It is possible to ascertain whether ornot a paper is the product of international Collaboration by determining thenumber of citations it has received

(C) The number of citations a paper receivesis a measure of the importance of the Research it reports.

(D) The collaborative efforts of scientistswho are citizens of the same country do not produce papers that are asimportant as papers that are produced by international Collaboration.

(E) International research teams tend to bemore generously funded than are single Researchers.



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