54: In life, attitude matters

In life, attitude matters


My topic is attitude. This is a topic that we all know. Everybody knows that attitude matters in life. Why? Here are my reasons:

What is attitude? In my opinion, attitude is the way that we choose to treat someone or something. It's a decision that you decide how to spend your time, attention, and money on something.

Different people has different attitude towards the same things. That's why only few people succeed when lots of people want success. Because the successful people have stronger attitude to their business. They are more positive and determined when they are in hopeless situation. They never stopping searching the meaning of life. They never stopping learning.

The last thing I want to share. Whatever our attitude is. It's our choice. It's our freedom. This means, in any given set of circumstances, we can choose our attitude, we can choose our own ways. So if we failed in life, it was our fault. We can't complar that life is unfair. That others have better situation than us. That's the things that we can't change. Remember, your attitude matters, you're free to choose your attitude. Every choice has a consequence.