Life was like a box of chocolates,what are your expectations?


To have a bland car ,  a big house with blue sky and  has a private beach. Wake up by nature and do more about monies. Is it that a wonderful and desirable life you want to have? My dears..

Obviously, yes, right? For me I really want to have a life like this so I am working on that part until I may achieve it. Expectations are just like dreams for me.when I want to have something then I have to have a goal first, and put the goal in my mind such as I want to have 150 meters house within 3 years and the house should be located on the mountain and faces the sea far away from down town also without any main road. Just in the foot of the hill and I was wake up by the birds instead of noises made by  cars and people. So I need to find those kinds of place and know the cost of the house then start to earn and saving money. Every time when I want to watch TV instead of learning then I may think ,hi Jenna, what’s your dream ,what’s your expectation in life? then I may wake up and work hard so that I may achieve my goals someday. So I totally agree with life is like a box of chocolates because those things remind me to do something to achieve my goal. And how about your thought on this topic,guys.Thanks.