【四级】 考试作文万能句及万能模板-高级篇


1.The human race has entered a completely new stage in its history, alone with the advance of the society and the increasingly rapid economic globalization and urbanization, more problems are brought to our attention, one of which is that……

2.Recently the phenomenon has aroused wide concern, some people are in alarm that....

3....... plays such an important role that it un de nia bly (无可厚的)becomes a wide-spread concern of the present world, there comes a question, is it a blessing or a curse?"_______显得非常重要而成为当今世界所关注的最大的问题,这是无可厚非的。不过,问题是:"我们该如何抉择?"

4.As society develops, There are a wide-spread concern over……

5.As to whether it is a blessing or a curse, however, people take different attitudes.

6.As to whether it is worthwhile ....., there is a long-running controversial debate. As an old saying goes every coin has two sides ', it goes without saying that (毋庸置疑) people from different backgrounds may have divergent(相异的) attitudes towards it.

7.In the process of modern urban development, we often find ourselves in a dilemma.

8.More and more people become appreciating the convenience of mobile phone.

9.People are attaching more and more importance to the interview during job hunting.

10.Some people contend that ... has proved to bring many advantages (disadvantages)

11.People who advocate that ...,also have their sound reasons (grounds)

12.As far as I am concerned, I am inclined to be on the side of the latter view.

13.If asked to make a decision, I would prefer...
14.when asked about this phenomenon , people’s opinions vary greatly.


1.……was set up two years ago.
2.The club organizes various activities regularly catering for theneeds of…… and is well know among ……
3.We have ……every weekend and you can practice your ……with……
4.In addition,……are invited to give lectures on occasion(不时地)
5.A lot of benefits are responsible for(作为……的理由)your joining us,……hence(因此无逗号)……
6.Besides you can……with more ease.
7.……was successfully held inBeijing, China, 2008, which attracted the whole world's attention more than ever before.
8.China won 51 gold medals , accounting for almost 17% of the total 302.
9.I'm deeply moved and inspired by the……spirit.
10.Life is a journey full of competitions and challenge , …… will definitely drive me along the way.
11.proceed with 开始
12.They write blogs to record their everyday life, to describetheir emotions and feelings and to make new friend from all over of the world.
13.They say blogs are like traditional diaries ,so blogs not onlyprovide an outlet for the student’ emotions, but alsoprovide a channel of communication for the young.


1.The overuse of plastic bags is always a major problems inChina
2.Convenient as they are for customers, they have become athreat to the environment and a cause for severe waste of resources.

1.An increasing number of reporters make up false stories about……
2.So as to make themselves more popular or to win some prizes.
3.Satisfying readers` taste and curiosity.
4.Some of them even cut down the expending for books and mealsto satisfy their desire for fashionable dress.

1.However, in recent years, the 4-hour show is losing its appeal, especially toyoungsters. 讲述一件事情失去了它的影响力
2.However, some other people are faithful audience of it, theyargue that……

1.give advice to students who are going to work.
2.without those sense, they may encounter embarrassing situation during job hunting and thus lose great opportunities.
3.more confident about their behaviors and thus have a better relationship with other people, and the comprehensive(综合的,详尽的) qualities get improved eventually.
4.Moreover, success or failure have little impact on college students. The most important thing is to form a correct way of life and learn something during the process, the comprehensive qualities will get improved as well.
5.With the admission expansion of colleges, a greatmany graduates have to face the fierce competition in thejob market. So it is certificates(证书) that can make them more competitive.


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