To my friends

Dear guys,

It's been a long time we didn't talk to each other. Spring and little rain bring you back to me. Again and again, i saw our memories in my lap. So many sunny smile, so many beauties and handsome boys, so many brilliant life we have toether. I must be a very very kind girl in my pre-life so god send you guys and all your love. here.

This time last year, i made a great decision for myself and meet your guys. It's really a great bonus for me. This time this year, sitting before the same lap, chatting with my new friends, i learned to get used to life without your accompy. But my dear friends, it's really difficult to bear this. It's even harder to bear that you're my past now. I can accept people's coming into my life but it terrible to lost you. Even though i know i never lost you in my heart. Dear you, i miss you so much. I miss the days we celebrate your birthday together, i miss the moment we sit in front of the life and talk about our dreams, i miss the time we spend on HeJiashan seed foundation farm, i miss the day we are on newspaper, i miss the night we see you at the airport, I miss ~~~~~~~~~, i miss every moment with you guys, because i have never spend so many times together with someone like you before, except you guys!

Sorry again, sorry for not connect you actively, sorry for our Bali dream broken again, sorry for be a not so cared friend for you, sorry for not accompy you well when you're in China.

Hope and pray, pray for see you soon, pray for the best things for all of you.

Love your guys, always be and always will!