Surviving and Living[生存与生活]




To human being, surviving can't be conceived identical with living. All creatures have their rights to survive. When the first cry breaks the stillness, surviving is on the way. But living only comes when one is concious of his existence, when one has the ability to decide the way he will follow and when one realizes that to live is not just to survive.

Actually, living is much more complex and has more profundities. Living is the window in the wall built by surviving. Without the window, we can't have access to the past processes obrichf our expeditions and the pleasant landscapes. Either the sunshine will not reach our hearts.

However, we can't deny the importance of surviving. Surviving is the premise of living, as the wall is the basis of the window. So, we must survive first.

Then it comes the question of how to survive. As the wall consists of bricks, we must be equipped with capabilities to make ourselves upstanding against the furious and constant impact from the enviornments. That requires diligence and great courage as well as tolerance of the difficulties.

Once we have our walls constructed, we can open the window and get wide sight. Then we will find that the wonderful things don't make the whole life. There are also bittersweet memories, and even grief to deep for words. But we can't close the window refusing all the bad things just to gain the sense of security. Because things always come in pairs. The shine and the storm, the pleasure and the pain. When we refuse the storm, the sunshine will not show up. When we remember the pleasure, the pain follows. Maybe that is the essence of life.

Complain? But that doesn't make a difference. We know that every coin has its downside. So we must put up with the rain to look forward to the rainbow. And all the toughness we have encountered teach us to be tough. As a proverb puts, 'no pain, no gain'. With the belife, we can face the life positively.

At the end, some words for all of us, strive to survive, and survive to live.





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