《Decoration design user agreement》

The right to privacy is your important right, please provide you with personal information to trust us, we have a very responsible attitude to protect the customer's personal information. The information you provide can provide us with better services. As a result, the software has set up a secret system of personal information to protect your personal information. Our personal information secret system is abstracted as follows:

Protect privacy

Always your sensitive and reasonable way of information is your privacy information, and we should also take reasonable security measures to protect personal information. According to the law, except for the situation of the government, it is mandatory for us not to get your permission, we will have nothing to do with any personal information provided by you, the third party or company.

Privacy principle

It is very important to us for your privacy, so "lucky according to the following principles, 8" is the management of privacy information.

Principle one: "Decoration design" should make clear the necessary information about your identity and contact, that is, personal information. If possible, use a few methods of "Decoration design" to confirm the correctness and timeliness of personal information.

In principle, there are Decoration design, and the use of the personal information of the necessary service partners to provide operating sites and services, and to convey a variety of new functions and services.

Principle 3: "Decoration design" may require the disclosure of personal information in law.

In principle,  when do you think "Decoration design" doesn't follow these principles? 2574637950@qq.com notify mail, please use it to improve this problem in a reasonable and appropriate time.