8/19:【Day 2】The outcome of CET 4 has revealed,and l  was so anxious about it,even if l tried hard to calm myself down.These days,l am sleepless (失眠的).l  feel  sleepy during the days,which is tied to(与什么有关) my routine.lt was her last time to come here,while l showed no  miss for her.

        My world seems to be bothered by your moment,but lt is useless to think it over.l  am  incapable of  overcoming  our  distance and  fail  to be a good partner with u.

8/20:【Day 3】Sometimes l just fall  into thinking about your moment while l am aware of being abandoned.l was deeply touched when  my partner made delicious food for me and we made dumplings together.Exausted as me, l did feel fulfilling and satisified .

        l saw the zoopita film  on my own,and its lines(台词) imprsseed me: to make the wolrd a better place and anyone can be anything,it starts with u and me.

        l was suprised when teacher said they may reward us with a journey ticket,no matter it was true or not,l am convinced that only if u bring out the best in you and rack your brains to do your duty, your effort will  be paid off.

      Just keep  your shortcomings in mind and make a little change step by step.

8/21:【Day 4】When he still smiled at me,l suddenly realized that l was so unfriendly to him.His academic performance is so poor,and he almost care for nothing,just smiling here.My heart felt so broken , for my effort didn't work and he actually didn't attach much importantce to his own studies. His lessons  was  over,which  is both a suprise and pity.l haven't tried my best to teach him,and his notebook of error correction  hasn't accorded with my mind.But l was relieved .

      When l gave a call back to my mum,she just shared the same things with me,and so did l. l did miss her,and really  was  eager to return to my haven(避风港).

    When informed my uncle is going to go home and l can go too,l was too excited to express my feelings. But l have a crush  (迷恋)on them.

  8/22:【Day 5】When something comes to an end, we may feel sorrowful,depressed and attached(迷恋的)  sentimental 

(伤感的sensible)and so forth.

      l have been stayed in  Haizhu  District  for almost two months,which is  nearly  all of my holiday .l was placed in (be set in以什么为背景)a totally strange environment,and the first choice l had was to face  it frankly.

    When computer exam was completed ,my mind was blank.l just wanted to live freely,but lack of      tough foundation and  towering talent.lt was not only an exam,but also symbolized my first year in college was over. lt left nothing to me,just some pieces of memory.

l was regret l had wasted my  time on so much meaningless affairs.l have to reflect myself,who is childish and navie.

        ln the past days,l have gone through many things with them. l was afraid to face the parents of students,but now l can be confident before them.l had been worked for such a long time,and l am  badly  in need  of a break.

8/23:【Day6】 l  have heard that seven is a lucky number,and l ever possessed this gift given by the god but lost .Everything has passed,but my heart is still hoping for his coming,which may never occurs. When my brother asked something about him,l just fell in silence with my broken heart.

      No matter how hard l try,l am incapable of bridging our distance and  saving our  future.Sorry, dear.l haven't never kept my dream in mind.

      Today, l was at my brother's home and finished the book:Your loneliness ,seems to fail but win.Many sentences written on the book left me a deep impression and warm my cool heart.Just like this:the most remote distance between us is that we are still here,so does our affections ,but the way to our past can't be found.(人还在,情还在,找不到回去的路是我们最遥远的距离。)

      Aside from(除了) the book,l also enjoyed a film by myself.It told a story about a girl who racked her brains to be admitted to a key university,no matter how poor was her academic performance .She just hold on her dream,and like most of us,she even wanted to give up,for she was sick of the burden carried on her,and her future looked blank.But owing to her optimistic teacher and her loving mother,she picked up her confidence again and fought for her ideal university all the time.

    It cames no  suprise that she made it.l  was moved to tears.Her diligence and courage stroke into my heart .She just proved herself by her efforts.It comes to me that why l can't be like her,l am just accustomed to my state of comfort.My weight has declined some,which encourages to get more exercise,and regulate my mouth and my desire for eating.

  OK,just fight for your only dream.

8/24:【Day7】 l  am the captain of my ship and.master of my fate(我就是我人生的主宰),just stay away from those who tear you down and never accept “No”.

        When my best friend had a long call with me,l felt so sensible and touched .What he said just is like a boyfriend who spoke to his apple,but l am not,and so does he.

    Nothing accompanys u forever,and l am not in poessession of closed friends anymore .lt is u who will never leave your side and back u all the time.(强调句)

    When l get a look of their life,l know that it is not easy for them to make a living.Everyone has his own life, and it makes no sense if we are all the same.

      Just find a power that supports u to move forward and to  be an excellent person than u were  before. Never  put tomorrow before your today,remember:learn from today,live for today and  hope for tomorrow.

    To be confident and to be stronger ,never count on anyone anymore.

8/25:【Day 8】

〖realized my dream of going home〗

        l have been looking forward to going my hometown for a long time,though l had never made it  come true . Before my uncle's car arrived,l  just waited quietly at home with my elder brother,who is occupied with his plan of selling many women clothes .l suddenly came to realize that l was so ignorant that l had wasted much money on something meaningless  and useless .

        Those who are ignorant are powerless and  scary.lt  is you who should be blamed for your being cheated and wasting money casually .(无知的人最可怕,也最无力。因为你无知,所以活该你受骗、乱花钱。)

      l also have a look at my brother's life.He skips breakfast and orders the takeout (外卖)for lunch ,and just has  normal dinner with his gf.l  can understand his situation where he has to make a successful living to substain(维持) his family.  In  the face of  reality,everyone is forced to  be stronger ,just with the hope of providing a stress-free,trouble-free and

worry-free life for those who they love.

    ln the long car trip,my mind was full of him.l kept asking myself and tried to comfort myself.Dear,l did what l  wanted to do,and so you owned me  one .We have made promise to go home together, which was one of my wishes .l still believe that l love u and so do u,even though we are apart from each other.Orange, just take good care of yourself .

Although you are absent in my life, l am able to live an organized life,instead of being in a messy.(你不在,我的生活也会井然有序而不是乱成一片)

  l  fell in sleep with soft music  and kept eating nothing in car.l got home in the midnight......So exausted and tired ......

8/26:【Day 9】〖three things l should place  importance on.〗(学费,父母,投资)

1.The difficulty of completing my tuition fees(学费).

l was at a loss when my mother gave me 3,000 yuan to deposit into my bank account.l was suprised and touched ,for my parents score my education highly.My parents,both  are farmers,who succeeded in supporting  financially  three children to go to university  .lt reminds me how tough they are,and how appreciative should l be .l have to strike it to my heart that l must put my studies into the first place,desert what l used to be and valve what l have.(学习第一位,抛弃旧我,珍惜我拥有的)

2.So lean is she,so heavy burden he is carried .


When l saw his or her shadows of their image,it occurred to me that they have been so industrious and devoted to us.Some white hair appears on her head,which seems to informe me of her age and her workload.She just carried what was heavier than her,which was beyond of my ability.

3.Give some thoughts to my future,rather than live a mindless    and listless  life.l am going to graduate after three years,and  l have to  have something that symbolizes me.Living in a so fierce society, how to  make myself  irreplaceable is a matter that should be thought it over.

  l just don't want to give in before reality.

8/27:【Day 10】〖l just hold the belief that l  will be on  my  own for later future .〗

  What impressed me most was that my uncle gave me some money,and some mooncakes were bought  .  Uncle  has made it a habit to give some money to my mother,which reminds me that if u are rich,in possession of much money,u are supposed to share some with your family.Only when u are a boss,can u be so liberal.(慷慨大方)

    l  went to the place where l finished my high school  with my friend,who has been stayed at home for the whole holiday.She has changed a new haircut,and it looks more attractive.We chatted about everything,and l know what she concerned most is her bf,so  l  asked her.But she may never know what l concern most.We just hung out in the street,where l spent most of my free time with someone.And we saw many beautiful clothes and shoes,but l showed no intention of buying them.Since l got to know about how cheap they are,l just keep calm,repeating to tell myself not to buy them anymore.The street,was full of my past footprints, but l felt so strange that  l couldn't  recognize which road is right for our destination.

    When KFC came into my sight,l remembered someone ever said to me he would bring me to KFC  when he had a lot of fortune.Now, everything has changed. We have new happiness,and  sorrow also  will  be  updated.Just  let it  go.

  l met  with two of my classmates,and then went home  with my sister.On our way home,it rained heavily  and l fell into sleep  .There  were many familiar things around me ,such as accent,care and mutual understanding.

      The  pace of rural life makes relaxed...

8/28:【Day 11】〖The hardship of my grandparents 〗

l hit my grandparents' house with my mom  today.There  are a  few people still living in the small town,leaving it an empty village.

  l  still  remember  when  l was going to go to college,my grandparents gave me 500,which is really meaningful for me .They have been  working  so  hard  for  most  of  their life ,and they also place much importance on  our education.They are  experienced,industrious and open-minded.

  My mother chatted much with her mother,and l just listened to what  they said quietly.It is thought to be a happiness too.We stayed four hours or so before we left.....

8/29:【Day 12】〖The memory of my high school's studies〗

    My young sister,continues her studies by retrying  once more again .  l tried to teach her what l still understand,but she seems  show no interest in it.She  did badly in exercise,which made me feel desperate .Despite her bad performance,she encouraged  herself  to be positive and  try one more again.She  showed her regret ,adding that  why l choose  to return to school  again.Maybe,what  she is going through is my past.l  just taught her some simple grammer ,while  she complained a lot and her attitude isn't very well.

    These days,electricity  was cut off in my hometown.lt gets dark easily and earlier in rural life.When it is nine'o clock, everything is slient,and  falling into  deep sleep.l  am  so attached  to  this environment which is far away from noise  and complication  in big cities .


8/30:〖Day 13〗【What  should  l do before my birthday】

l have been looking forward to my birthday for a long time.lt is not only a birthday that symbolizes my growth ,but also is a promise made by him.Something memorable  was found ,which reminded me of my middle school  when l was a little girl and he a little  boy.

  We have accompanied each other for seven years .And we know each other well, but  ultimately we broke up.

    My heart was broken, not knowing  what  to do except from being silent. But  l really care about it, and want to save it,rather than turn a blind eye to my inner voice.So l took photos of our past,to share it in my moment .

    l didn't know what result l would get, so l told myself l may get the same  result.Actually,l don't know what result should be ideal .My mind was full of him.......

8/31:〖Day 14〗【Welcome for your coming back】

  Dear,l was so glad that we ultimately broke the ice of silence ,and l was so eager to hear from u.

We chatted much,and  got something about  mutual life.l was too excited to calm down.

  U know,l thought it impossible for us to get together again,though l still miss u.l was also sorry that l hadn't found u on your birthday .

  We have missed a lot,So l have to learn to valve u ,and everything around me.lt is u who give me the confidence to try again and the courage to move on  and the belief to make a change.Thank you for your coming .

  l will have a blueprint of our future and just be more confident in my life because l know those who lack confidence are bound to be defeated by reality.And l won't because of your support.

  It seems that our future looks bright and l hope so.l will change myself and make up my mind to get a noticeable weight loss.

9/1:〖Day 15 and day 1〗【The last day ,  the first day at my 20 birthday】

  Maybe  l have the courage to change,to believe and to embrace a bright future.l shouldn't indulge myself in eating too much junk food,like a foodie.lt looks like l broke my promise made by myself.

  lt may take me some times to adapt to his coming.We are less likely to be apart from each other again,but l cannot count on him too much ,for we should own our space.After all,our priority is to grow up instead of being in love.

  lt comes little suprise that many people succeed in weight loss because they keep a balance between diet and sports .As for me,the relationship between both isn't very well.l  cannot  handle it  on  purpose,which makes me far away from my only dream.

  OK,take it easy,just be yourself.

  Try one more time,and  make up your mind and if u persevere in regulating your diet,u will  be successful in weight loss. 

9/2:〖Day 16 and day 2〗【The day of leaving and beginning】l was almost sleepless last night, just wandering in the ocean of my mind.When it was time for me to leave for Guangzhou,l was so sensible that l forgot the road to where l desire to go .My parents and l got up early to catch the bus.ln fact,it is useless to arrive there in a precious time because there were people who missed the right time .And the significance of getting ahead of time left me a deep impression.l also reminded myself that the road to my school was far away from home,so l must make every  return meaningful.  Say goodbye  to u, to my parents ,and to my hometown.l will strive for a better life ,and will come back with a new appearance.

  During my trip journey, l just listened to English songs,which confused me a lot .But it is another form of studying English .l cannot understand well what the Singers sing but it is another language to convey my feelings .

  A sentence stroke into my heart:those who more disciplined about themselves,are more confident and ambitious.l quietly back this point,for if u are more organized ,u are more likely to get to know what priority is in your whole life. lt seems l have a tendency to count on him, and l don't want to live for his care and love.

Whatever, we should be more mature instead of indulging ourselves in love.

  l have set a goal for myself.l have to be  on a diet and pick up self-control(学会自律),which is consistent with(与……一致) my ambition. Just try to eat less and do sports more ,maybe l will be more slim.

9/3:〖Day 17 and day 3〗【Just to be what u want to be】

Most of time,we always forget what we have and long for something that is remote from us.When u have a glimpse of other's  misfortune,u may truly realize how luckily u are!So cherish what u have and try to pursue what u want rather than wander in your own mind.(比你不幸的人还坚强的生活,那你呢)

    When l heard of my brother's situation where he is in dilemma,l was afraid that he couldn't support his family very well.Now,l know when my brothers are not involved with love,so they don't have to spend their time in it,which makes them concerned about my studies.(There is no  need  for them to waste some time in love.)l always complain about the absence of my sister,but l am truly lucky to have three brothers.They all care about me in  their  ways to provide me a inclusive,stress-free,hassle-free,and trouble-free environment.l should be appreciative of what they did for me,and learn to be more mature and independent..(哥哥们生活工作也不容易,所以你要独立一点点)

  lt came as a great surprise that my roommates bought a cake for me.l had never thought about it  because l thought they may neglect it while they  didn't.We will together for four years ,during which we may treat each other like our family.So just love them and be happy with them.Be yourself too.

    The moment when l was desperate flashed my mind ,for l scared if he abandon me again.l called him  immediately  when l went out  of  dormitory.lt came little suprise that he was sleeping but l still bothered him .He just fell into sleep and  knew nothing about what l said.

9/4:〖Day 18 and day 4〗【set a goal and then strive for it】

  The last thing l should do is to take up his time too much and that of mime.lt seems that l tend to rely on him.lt takes me sometime to get accustomed to his coming.

  l got up late today.And l set some goal,among which l put  weight loss in the first place.l  desire to get slim and then l can turn up in a  totally  new  appearance.l don't want to meet u in what l look like now.lf l haven't changed myself completely, it won't be a gift for your leaving.Sometimes,l want to ........

  Today,l met my brother.And l told him about my feelings and told him not to worry about me.My second brother gave me a call  when l was on my way .He just told me not to ask brothers for money except for him.

  Brother,l want to tell u that l won't ask u for money ,either.l will stand on my feet ,and l will earn my living expense.So,it is of great importance for me to grasp time ,to invest myself.

    Everytime  when l played with my roommates,it may look like l am indulged.Therefore,l  should learn to accept “No”.

9/5:〖Day 19 and day5〗【The end of freshman,the start of sophomore】

    It is the first day when we all become sophomore,which means that we are not unfamiliar with our college anymore .There are many new courses in this term,including four optional classes and six compulsory courses(required  courses).During the first lesson,many teachers may instruct us how to spend the rest of our campus lives .

    l also inform myself that under no circumstance can l skip classes.lt can't be a solution through the whole campus studies if l persevere in a wrong way.

  Just  stick with competing with yourself  and never put limitations on your potential.Put studies first before anything else  and be confident.

9/6:〖Day 20 and day 6〗【The change 】

  l  have decided to be attentive in class and try to sit in front rows instead of the last rows.(上课专心,争坐前排)

  Every new subject with a totally strange teacher comes as little suprise.What impressed me most is the way how teachers introduced themselves and subject involved in .When l met English teacher again,l was so glad.But when asked about result of CET-4,l kept silent .Although l have passed the test,l felt little happiness .Should l complain about the outcome?l  hadn't prepared  it  well  and did it badly ,maybe l was blessed with God.

  During English class,l can grasp many new words easily,which makes absorbed in his class.When it comes to my past holiday, l may summarize it using following words:fruitful,emotionally rewarding  ,demanding,changing and so on.

lt taught me how to be kind to children and how to be considerate and contributing.There are many disadvantaged and economically deprived people who are living a impoverished lives.So try to make change in campus and try for more.

    My Mom  called me but l didn't answer it right now.l knew it was cruel to tell her not to call me if she wanted but it may affect my studies.She places much importance on my academic performance than me,which makes me guilty and shamed .So l won't play mobile phone in class if unnecessary.

  These days,l don't go to jogging anymore.So l picked it up and ran four laps around our school.l was so slowly but l was delighted.Exausted as l was,my heart was filled with a sense of achievement.l wanted to give up in the first lap,while l told myself to carry on .To  make weight loss ,is one of my dream.l don't  want  to leave it behind.

    So,make it a rule that go jogging in the morning and afternoon ,and try to eat less and do more sports.(少吃多运动)

    9/7:〖Day21 and day7〗  l got up in a early time to go jogging.Sleepy as l was,l just  ran slowly .l met with those who cleaned our campus,and l felt warm.There  were many sceneries in the morning,and l took a photo to memorize today.One year  has passed,l was a freshman last year but now turn into a sophomore.When walking in front of many of them,l was scary  but told myself to be


  l  was exausted while l finished my running,it gave me a sense of achievement and it is pressing(迫切的)  for me to succeed in weight loss.

  Last year  of today ,l turned into a freshman .My brother accompanied me  but left myself here.The last thing l should do is to miss them when they are not in my side.

      9/8:【The  ability of thinking independently】

Many new courses has been introduced,and the significance of thinking independently is placed much emphasis.What Kejian said  came into the point directly and l found myself ignorant.This semester,many optional courses is tied to law,which makes me feel my defect in law.

      Our motto is:thinking completes thought,which provides access to success(思考成就思想,思想成全梦想)

        l am busy with my studies and attentive in class,for l want to be a totally different myself and  want to change.  The only dream is  something that keeps me  motivated. l valve what l have.

  There are many socially  disadvantaged and economic impoverished people  who  still strive for a better life.There is no reason for me not to promote myself.l am sleep-deprived(缺觉的).Undoubtedly,l  have to be self-disciplined  to be the queen of my Kingdom.

    It is useless for me to tell them about my situation where  they cannot understand it.So just be yourself  and  take a leap of faith,to change,to believe ,to embrace and to succeed one day.

9/9:【The first day of my team reunion】


You forgave me,treating me like my boyfriend.l didn't know how to convey my feelings about u ,who both play the role of soulmate and brother.Even if l was late,leaving u wait for me about an hour ,u still complained about nothing.

l  am so appreciative of  what u give me.l know how hard a life u are living ,and understand u care me so much.(谢谢你一直都在)

  Today,my team got united.The hardness,the sweat,the tears, are filled with my heart.l was

    not in a good condition ,and l wanted to give up myself ,but l didn't.The Marathon,is physically  and mentally demanding and challenging for me,but it is also emotionally rewarding.There are many reasons why u gave up ,while there is only reason why u still carry on it.The passion for running has been fade out, and why l am persistent in it is out of love .

We  were required to finish half an hour of jogging.In the course of running,l relentlessly told myself that l have to move on.If l stopped my step,it was a symbol of giving up,which was the last thing l should do.The only reason why l keep   

motivated on running is just because when l run in my speed ,it can give me a sense of blank(空白感).

9/10:【The suprise of being a teacher】

Last night,l came to the place where l stayed almost two months .l got familiar with everything here ,and l have a crush on it.But my routine would    completely change  if l take it for granted that it is home to my soul.

    l dreamt a dream about my ex-bf,which can be called the first lover.But it was in a mess in my mind.l don't know how will l make up my mind if he comes back to my side.Maybe  l will decline.l am less likely to hurt him again and it is unwise for him to start with me again.We all have been changed ,and we are not who we  used to be.There are many feelings that  l  want  to  share  with u,but we get less contact.Will  we  break up again? l don't know what the future holds .l just want  to be a financially and mentally independent  person,who  is  sensible,positive and  optimistic towards life.

When l  was  rewarded  with a    trip  ticket and mooncakes,my heart was filled with  appreciation  and strong love.  To  be honest, l  wanted  to  change  my job  but now won't.

    If u  are enough excellent,u will  have a performance  no  matter  where u are.It is truly important for me to be ture for myself.

9/11:【The  same problem we encountered again】

  l  was  so  moved  when  we  got  together again  and  we continued  to  do our work.l  was  sleepless when u promised u would  call  me  later  but u  didn't.Maybe  we all  get accustomed to  what we used to be.But when u  turned a blind eye to me,l was extremely broken ,with my tears slipping down.

  U  said u had no idea and just refused  to  reply me  ,which made  me  feel  worthless in your world.We have many different views about love,since we are seperate love,why we  don't  bridge the distance between  us? l was badly hurt by my behavior,not knowing  how  to  address such problem about affections.

9/12:【  lt  seems  l was  busy  with my studies】l  am  looking forward to the coming of national days,which  provides the opportunity for both of us to have a gathering.

9/13:【The  importance of thinking independently】

  lt is the ability to have your own thinking that makes  u  distinguished  from others.l  am  trying  for a better life.

9/14:【The problem u encounter is that u think too much 】

U are less likely to contact with me when u are free,which makes me sense u don't care about me at all.Feeling  exausted and fatigued, the only choice l make is to jog,to run.The belief that just go to jog when u want to cry,letting sweat and tears evaporate is firmly supported  by me.lt is unwise for me to count on u too much,and it is pressing for me to bridge the distance between us.My mind ,was full of u .(缩小距离)

9/15:【A sense of well-being】

My mind was wandering last night,contributing to my sleeplessness.l got up so early in the morning with the purpose of catching a bus feeling  sleepy. There were many people rushing to buy a ticket and l was angry for my brother's  being late.My  anger  was softened  when we finally  began  our trip to Dongguan.

    Everyone was drawn to her coming, and it was likely that they all favored  her. When we chatted about our family and later future,l found myself worthless,losing my position .

9/16:【My trip was over】

l was feeling unwell (不好)when    taking subway.l was deeply touched when my Dear uncle handed me 100. Looking back on mystudies of journey ,they  have been supported  us  to  continue our studies.In fact,many of  them  lay much emphasis on  studies,thinking it is of  great  significance for us to  be a well-rounded  person.

9/17:【keep a balance beween  studies and sports】

lt seems that l am occupied with many affairs ,but l can't get the point of  my life.When a day was over,l felt many things haven't  been done,for l just  felt sleepy .......

    With  a  strong desire to  achieve my goal of 600,l  am  clearly  to  put priorities  in the first place.l  went through loss of u,so l am extremely confident about my future as  long  as  l  am  motivated.

9/18:【The absence of jogging】

l found less passions  to  write my dailys,just having no idea to  describe my life.  l  am  looking  forward to  the  coming of  next  holidays,while afraid of  facing the  agnoy of  separation(分离的痛苦).

  l  am  far  away from my  dream,which is  hidden by  myself.

  l  was  beat(累的).l  am  20,but  it  seems that l  am  not  accountable  for  my life.

9/19:Occasionally,  l found less desire to share what happened to me with u.You can't be  in my shoes to  go  through  what l  experienced.

  Marathon,is  able to make u  strong both in body and  soul.

l  am  living on  a  tight budget(过得艰辛),counting  the  days of my  holiday.When thinking of his  arrival,my heart  is delighted .Afraid of the moment when we are away from each other,l force myself to strive for a  bright tomorrow.

9/20:There is a close link between my mood with u.We all  take it for granted that what we own now is reasonable without deep thinking.

l found my life in  a  mess,with no direction at all.如果我还有梦想,我为什么不去努力?

9/21:l  just  want to challenge myself,so l told teacher about my inner voice.To  be  economically  independent,l have  to struggle for  a  irreplaceable myself.

  l  tasted the happiness of giving others a hand.lt was  really  touched when u did something sincerely by your heart,which may be paid off.

You  are  expected to accompany me  more time,if  u don't,the best choice for us is to  get apart  again.

9/22:The best promise is that u will be my side for the rest of your life.lt is the last thing that we take it for granted that we count on each other all the time.There is a link between  my feelings and your response.But l learn how to be wiser when we are in different places.l am so longing for your arrival,appreciative of your coming back again.


9/24:l am  not sick of my part-time job as l expected,just savoring the moment when l am the guide of them.Maybe, there still something l can't leave behind.(因为爱,所以坚持)

When u gave me a voice, my heart was touched. l  am  counting days for your coming,and l  will  be  more  confident .(你的回来,是我最大的自信)

9/25:l failed to pass the exam,doing badly in my studies as well.(兼职没过,差一分领奖学金).

My mood, was  in  a  low spirit,feeling myself ignorant.



9/27:My  mind  fell  into a blank state,not aware of what happened outside.Beat as l am, l didn't    complete  my routine  .My  dear  brother  transfered  1000  to me  ,which  warns me to be        economically    independent.

        U  are  expected  to strive  for  your  own future,and  to  slience your  uncertain  ideas.虽然课很无聊,可是我不能逃。毕竟,他们是老师。自己已经不是重点大学的学生,真的应该更努力,努力活出自己的模样,而不是堕落。

9/28:Forthcoming national holidays,are  both a  happiness  and  challenge  to  me.It  took  me  a  few  months  to  accustom myself to your absence ,which  l  live on my own.But  your comingback  again boosts my  confidence,increase a  sense of  well-being.


l  have a  deepimpression of  your  leaving,and  l  was  truly hurt  when u just kept silent to me.Please, do  not  leave me  again  and  do  not  hurt me  again,l  can't  stand  it.

9/29:They all  skipped class,except me.  Many things should be  lasted ,to make it a rule,but  l  gave up half of my way.l  am  not  a  good student, who  keep her  dream  and  voice in  secret,being afraid of  presenting  her own  standpoint.l  am  not qualified  for  those  who are  rewarded  by our country. (从头到尾,我都不是一个好学生)l  am  incapable of looking  down  on  others,since  everyone is equal.(没有资格嘲笑他人,应该嘲笑的是自己)

9/30:The  first month during my 20,has  totally passed.Many  goals set by me haven't accomplished,except one:never skip class.(从不逃课).Recently,l  have been sleep-less,and l  have a bad sleep at  noon.My mind was in a blank......

    There  are  many  things waiting for  me to  complete .What l  desire  has  come,but l  feel more loss than  happiness .(我有点不知所措,因为既期待又害怕。和你一起奔向天涯,不管穷途,不管末路。)

10/1:When we met again,my holiday began.My heart was  beating when l  saw u at the first sight.l found myself crushed on u.(你来,我接。只是不应该让你穿越人山人海过来)






When u are my side,others'greetings  seem to be a bother for me.l was  less  patient with my Mom when referring to my track .l know she was badly hurt ,feeling worthless to her sons marriage .l  felt her  tears slipping down her face ,and  l was  also  unable to do anything to promote their  affairs.l  just comforted her  that  it  was none of  your business anymore .U  just  completed your task and for the rest of their lives ,it should be  their  choices.The moment u said u were helpless and  worthless ,l  truly understood your worry  and fear ,which  are useless  .Having  phoning  with  u,my  mood  was  in a  low spirit .U  made me  feel more than  what  u said to me.It is  time to take  accountability  for  myself .The society  is fierce  and  cruel  .(她说她对自己子女的婚姻什么也做不了的时候,我知道她的心会是多难受。摆在面前的无能为力,心急如焚的迫切,无奈两者没有一个平衡点。我知道,我也是该长大了。)

10/3:l was  accustomed to your exitence.l was  less  confident when  facing u.Sorry......my inner mind fell  into a deep frustration.

10/4:When we got  together,joy was  filled with  my  whole heart.So caring was u ,and excellent ,that l was adorable for u .(相聚匆匆,简单平淡就是幸福。有你的陪伴,再长的路也不怕。只是,害怕离别的车站把所有的回忆都停留在昨天。)

10/5:When shopping with u,u prefer to choose better objects at an unaffordable price but l declined. At present,we all count on  our brothers to support us,and occasionally we can't meet our daily needs .It is unwise for us to waste too much money on daily life.When we get economically independent, we are  able to buy what we desire.

      My tears slipped down when l saw your departure.(你的别离,是我眼泪的降临。我不舍,不忍你离去。与你一起的点滴,已经成为记忆的画面。那一刻,我痛恨自己不能跟你走。)

10/6:You are always  considerate for me,and u prepared breakfast for me.l got many from u , u never complained  about it.(谢谢你--哥。)

  l  get  accustomed to what we were ,but l need to move on my routine.(该坚持,该好好做人了。等我有钱,瘦下来,我就过去找你。)


Just be  yourself  and  to  pursue what u desire.

And u have a dream .U abandon it,hurt it,forget it ,but still remember it .Just try  again ,one more time.Lay emphasis on what u are fond  of ,and never  give up and give in.(其实教育者的素质远比教给小孩子的知识要重要得多。)

10/8:【Just be myself】

U are  more likely to be regret on what u didn't do than the things u did do.Either day runs u,or u run day.(要么日子掌控你,要么你掌控日子。)

10/9:【To act in a way u  desire,not to pretend ,just  be what u savor】

If  u  don't put  effort into what u really enjoy,it can't be  called “love”.If  u take no action to what u want to be,it  just a remote dream.

    U  have  to  try  so  hard,to  live as  u  expect.(谢谢你一直都在,谢谢你。可是,我想要更努力,不想要你迁就这样的我。)

10/10:It is so hard for me to get a reduced weight.My mind is struggling when faced with varied diet.l  may choose something l  can  afford to make ends meet.

  When U  finish your priority ,u get a sense of  accomplishment .Never  get  stuck in daily life and  weighted  down accountabilites .(豆点滴的汗水滴落在塑胶跑道上,是我对肥胖的不妥协。)






  U  have your own dream,which  distinguishes U from others.U  must be more excellent,more persistent  than u imaged.  Your  dream already can  be  achieved, if  you put  your  whole  heart into it.    So  familiar with  everything around me that  l  tend  to  take  a  blind eye to them  without hesitation.  l  come  to  understand there  is  something u must keep it  to  yourself,without  sharing  with  anyone .

    Today, my closed friend received  a suprising birthday party .She is the one l desire to play with and to mature into a contributing,aspiring,enterprising person.(剑霞,谢谢你。希望我们友谊长存。)

10/12:【把握重心  做好自己】

When l wake up  in the morning, my mind comes to in  a mess,which l am trying to change.

  When we acknowledge our defects frankly,it is the first step for us to transform ourselves completely.  When l put you before anything else,l am afraid that one day u would leave me nothing but dismay and misery.

  U are my boy friend now, but l am less  dependent on u ,since l know u  are  always excellent ,and  it is natural that l am expected to be the one like u .l  miss u a little.



10/13:【该怎么回忆  该怎么努力】

l found myself lest confident when faced with unexpected situation and less competent .

My English level is so poor while l always omit it.

And l made up my mind to get a reduced weight.If l have been working so hard,why l still feel less confident on  myself?  l was so fragile that  even cannot stand any storm.


  A negative mindset is just like something poisonous ,which may kill all your aspiring ambitions and hinder your step to go forward.

U can't give in on what may conquer u ,but to combat them.

10/14:【The same place with different accompany presents  various views. 】

At the cost of my valuable time,l choose to hang out with my roommates ,which may seem like to be mistaken.We hold different views on something,which shows our difference and background. They cannot imagine how tight a life l am living ,and they just urge me to sing for fun,but l declined. To be a principled,highly motivated,enterprising,aspiring and giving person is my aim.

  All of u have no need to worry about your expenditures because your parents support u while l am not. (走跟你走过的路,看过的风景,整个心窝都是你。就算是坐公交,跟你在一起也是最大的幸福。因为遥远和稀少,所以凸现珍贵。如果有一天,我沉沉地睡过去了,请不要叫醒我。)

10/15:【 越装佯 、吹嘘  越欠缺】


  My body was extremely exhausted and frazzled. l show no interest in my studies. l kept asking myself what my  life is holding for? Step by step ,to make a difference to my own life.

l found nothing can be shown before them.One year has  passed,l still  remain  what l  used to be .(同乡会迎新,让我发现自己的确没有什么好炫耀的。有的时候,想太多。想要给你舞台,你却没有什么拿的出手的。)






10/19:【To fight  for my only dream】

A  campus life  without romantic  relationship is imperfect.Strike  a  balance  between  studies and  sports.How to  make  good  use  of  your free  time is  tied  to  your  ambition,what you  really  desire in your inner mind.To  be 

self-assured  provides  u  a  feelings  of  identity.












  经济独立  思想独立  感情独立 


To  be  economically and  emotionally and  mentally  independent.


l  am  reluctant to  comprise if  my day seems too  to be a commonplace.People  tend to  look  back  on  their  past,and  omit  what they truly own .

    l  was extremely  fatigued.Marathon is both physically and  mentally  demanding and  challenging  for me,but  emotionally  rewarding.

l  carve  for  a  reduced  weight,but  l  don't  take  any  practical  actions.(真心想要瘦下来,我一定会瘦下来!)

10/25:【To  be what u want to  be】

Many  people view seperate love as unsuccessful relationship,  while l  just slience down those voices .lt is  essential to have faith in  each other,and we  have to  endure some sufferings before we get together finally.l  won't  give  up  on  u  with  the hope of  u .(千万人看不好异地,我只是努力让这些声音消失。)

10/26:《try for a whole  new  life》

l  was  hurt when  l  saw  my shadow from her,and  l  was crushed in the deep heart.l  want  to  cry  over your  shoulders  but  u  are  absent.U  can't comfort me  instantly ,so  u can't be  my  very accompany,but  l tend  to  rely  on u,accustomed  to your exitence.Afraid  of  my  ignorance,l  must  free myself to  strive for a better life.(等我没什么钱了的时候,我终于也知道我是得多努力去赚钱去养活自己。不只是现在,还有未来。现在还年轻,为什么要以二十岁的年纪,过着六十岁的生活呢?还年轻,还有梦,做自己喜欢的事情就好。)

10/27~28:  没有记忆的昨天,该如何回忆?


  觉得,自己需要有一个梦想去引导自己,去努力,去奋不顾身。做自己喜欢的事情吧。  亲爱的自己,最后两个月,加油吧。





11/2:【To  strive for a balance between  my  part-time job and  my hobby,but  l failed. 】

l  was so anxious and desired to go outside to go through more,but  l  had  no choice but to follow my  routine.Occasionally,l  am  tired of what l did .

    When l  accompanied  them and  took  myself  for  their  role model, l  found myself ignorant and  youthful.l just  wanted  to  grow again with  all  of  u ,and  with  the  hope  that  u will  stay here  some day just  like us.


11/3:【The unexpected expresses and the  wellbeing u gave me】

l  was  so  sorry that  these days,l  was  wondering  whether we  should stop and  leave us  a  space.When l  received your express one  by  one,my heart was  filled  with  delight and  move.l  was  so  appreciative of  what  u  did  for  me.Thank you  for your eight-year companion.

l  learn how to pursue what l  am eager for.


Currently,l  have cleared  my  aim ,and  begin  to  move  forward  step  by  step.


11/4:【l desire  on  your  side】

When  we  talked  to  each  other,  time  seemed  to  slip away  faster.对不起,我会好好相信你,跟你一起走下去的。我也会努力克服“异地”这个关系,努力地瘦下去。谢谢你相信我,余生请多多指教。

11/5:【a sense  of pride】

When  l dress myself up, l was joyous and it  came  to  me that  what l  did  now  made  me looks more  attractive and mature.l  was  appreciative  of  whom  l  met  .Despite  some hardship l  went  through,it  is  truly worthwhile to  hold  on  to it.The  more u give,the  more  u  will  receive. 

  When u  are upset,the awesome way to console U is to  chat more with u and get U distracted from your sorrow.lf we  were brave enough to speak our thoughts at  that  time,what  result  we may  get  currently? There  is nothing to  regret ,just go  ahead  and  move forward,to  change we  can .(如果年少的我们足够勇敢,现在的我们会不会就不一样?可是没有如果,我们能够做的就是继续前行。)

11/6:【The  wellbeing  of running】

lt  has  been a  long time  since l put  running  aside.When l picked it  up  again,l  felt  a  sense of  accomplishment .l  will  try  hard,and  endeavor  to  make  progress .l  just  desire  to be  serious about  everything in  my  life.(我只是想认真地生活)



l  also  wanted  to  give up ,but if  l  do  so ,it  means that l  lost  my  dream forever.Today,we  had a 拔河 contest.Having used up  my  strength,l  was  extremely beat(精疲力尽的).When we  finished our match,we  united again. When u accomplished  something  exceptional with  your fellow,U would  feel  the  wellbeing .

Despite  what l  experienced,l chose to  go  for my  team. It is ture that u  give up  something for  various reasons but  adhere  to  it  for  just one simple  reason.(有很多放弃的理由,坚持的理由只有一个。)

When l show u my  attractive photo,what u saw isn't beauty but my whole  figure shape. A  little  frustration  flashed  my  mind ,but  l  came to  realize  that what matters to  u isn't my  Outlook  but  my  health.(真正关心你的人,看见的不是你外表的光环,而是你光环背后的辛酸。)

  If  l  don't look  back  over my  past,l  would  never  realize that how  much l  adored  u  when  l was  young.Many  things have been  considerably changed ,while u  remain .l  can't  ask  for  more from  u,without  paying  u  nothing.

U  trust me,and  so  do  l.

11/9:【We won】







When l endeavor to lead a life l picture in my mind,l found it tough to stay it on track.l had  a  crush on  u.

11/10:【It is getting  cold 】

More colder it is,more lazy we  will  be.

11/11【The single day】

l  wasn't so attached to our home team.

All  what l did just wanted to be appreciative of what l received.

  l  was hurt  when  l walked  alone in the playground.There  are many things we have to face frankly.l  was......repeatedly  told  myself not  to  be  what l  disliked.(现在我们所忍受的,都是必须的。在同乡会里面,我找不到什么归属感。可能,爱只是唯一。)

11/12~16【fail  to  trace my daily  routine 】

It  seems useless and meaningless  when  l  repeat the  familiar  sentences. But the  moment l  expect  to  quit, someone and  something flashed  my  mind.l tried again and again ,until  l  was  null at it.A  blueprint was  pictured  by  me,where  l  master a  fluent  English and  engage in  what  l  adore.

ln  the  last P.E lesson, l  would  fall down if  my  fellows hadn't grasped  me  tightly.  The  destination was  out of  my  reach,and l was  feeling desperate.Thanks to god  and the  assistance of  them, l survived finally.

When how to complete a task becomes a hot-disscussed  issue,so  indifferent  was  l  ,just  like  a  bystander(旁观者).

There  are  many  things l  have  to  balance  their pros  and  cons(利弊).  The  lesson  was  over,but  it  impressed  me  most  and  l  hope  it  can  accompany  me  for  the  rest  of  my  life .