ISA WEDNESDAY CLUBS for grades 9 and 10

Bitouni Anna

Wed 9/25/2019 1:51 PM

Dear 9th and 10th Grade students,

As you all know,  the first session for the MYP Clubs will start on Wednesday October 2nd, and the time has come, for you to submit your  selection form indicating the first three choices. 

Please fill in the form which appears in the following link, (sign in with your ISA school email is required).

GR9-GR10 clubs form

Follow the instructions, choose the three Clubsthat you are most interested in, and movethem to the top of the list!

make sure that you like all 3 Clubs chosen because you may not be selected for your first choice!

If you want one or more of the Clubs included in the "Electives", then you need to not only choose it in the first question but also make sure to answer the second question.

 In this case Move the clubs of your interest on top of the selection "None" in the order of preference.

Please do not choose only Sports clubs, because there is a smaller probability of getting what you like!

Do not forget to SUBMITYOUR FORM asap, and no later than FRIDAY (27/9) at 14:00. (The earlier you send it the bigger the probability that you are placed in the club of your choice).

Remember to choose carefully because you may fill in the form only once.  You can NOT change your choices after the form has been submitted.

Regarding the "Electives" (Guitar-Song writing/Debate/Math Competition skills)

These Clubs require special skills and the approval of the teacher is required. 

Students should have their own guitar, and bring it with them every Wednesday,if they wish to participate in the song writing club (Join this Club if you want to sing, or learn how to play some easy chords on the guitar and maybe write lyrics and music for an original song!)

 Regarding STEM:

The BeginnersSTEM will be offered this Session and STEM Advanced  will be offered next Session.

So, this is not an annual club as it used to be.

Educational robotics with LEGO Mindstormsis an educational club designed for middle school students.

Engaging in team building a functionally autonomous and complex robot helps them to develop their creative power and at the same time to emphatically understand the concepts behind the physical dimensions of distance, time, speed and mass in an exciting way.

Each robotic structure, in order to work autonomously, needs applied programming that is hereby approached by the new generation for the first time, through complex algorithms that children can easily compile in the special programming environment that Mindstorms EV3 delivers in a virtual way. All activities are accompanied and explained in specially designed worksheets.

kind regards

Anna Bitouni

Dean of Students 

International School of Athens

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P.O. Box 51051, 14510 Kifissia, Greece

Tel.: +30 210 623 3888 (ext. 229), Fax: +30 210 623 3160