The letter to my mother

Dear mom, I write this letter to thank you for all your devotion and caring to raise all your three sons up through all these years. In the end of April this year,my second younger brother got married. I can feel you and my father felt relieved, because three of us all graduated from university and now all got married and have our own family.

As a farmer, it was really hard for you and my father to bring up three hoursof us. I could see you got up very early and returned home very late. And you are in charge of almost all the family affairs, such as cooking, finance,communication and so on, as my father devotes all his time on the farming.

Although our family was not rich,you always tried your best to meet our needs. Sometimes our three brothers caused some trouble, but you always forgave us with your love. And we corrected the mistakes and focued all our attention on the study,which did not make you worry at all.

I still remember in the Junior and Higher school that you always prepared the delicious breakfast and went upstairs slightly to wake us up. I felt satisfied and happy because of the beautiful starting of the day.

I still remember when i went to the university in Beijing, you and my father accompanied me to visit Beijing. It was very precious time for you to go sightseeing outside. As a farmer, I know you seldom had time to go sightseeing. And from my memory it was almost the first time i went sightseeing with you and my father. I felt satisfied and excited. They also got relaxed during the jounery.

I still remember that when my daughter and my son were born, you came to Xiamen to take good care of my wife and my children. It was indeed the precious and happy time for us, because when i went to unversity,the time for us to gather together was less and less. One month was a long time. During one month, you tried your best to provide the best caring for my wife and my children. I was really moved!

You are the humble and hardworking mother, always ready to help others. Through my grown-up, i have learned a lot of good character from you. You made me what i am today!

My dear mother, i am so proud of being your son. Mom,I really love you! I wish you happy all the time, and i will try my best to provide the best life for your later time.