Dear Mr Hank,

This is a follow-up of our face-to-face interview 3 days ago Hope this letter finds you doing very well. I really appreciated for your advise about career choices, which helped me a lot with how to present my experience to a future development.

I am just touching base here to see if there is any update regarding my application. Since I have a good command of accouting and investment, I really consider the position quite a challenge and dream to me. I learned a lot from you when  I worked in the project of fixed-income investment leaded by you.  I'm also attracted by your characteristics and leadetship. Based on my  good command of accouting and finance, it would be a great chance to work in your team again. I'll be very appreciated if there is any vacancy.

I would like to hear from you as soon as the final decisions are made, Thank you so much for your favorable consideration.




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