汉语笔译:第一部分 穆先生

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第一部分翻译  穆先生

we are ready to go. welcome everyon e to the 43rd Health Teaching Workshop of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute, Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 2015. and we are ready to go with Mr. Keshe here give us special presentation line up live with Caroline and so are you ready there Mr. Keshe?


Keshe: Yes , good afternoon.This teaching of the health section is very short today because we had a long time with Chinese, a part of the seol thing kitchin to do with man and energy, what I explained in the morning in the teaching is as you are going into the plasma condition with the matter and what we call gans,


there is I thought the way of the communitcation but I came xxx last night and I explained to Caroline what she was explaining to Sadom I show the stelling maybe before was xxx with Arman and Marco, is something that to understand the work of the plasma.


we need to know and I ask we have other teachers and other people who understand different way to be able to truck the physcicality of the man to understand it, it maybe we have thedimentionand the direction  [译者未听清01:43.5-01:47.8] and in a way as you all know I call the point of the creation of this planet the Caroline Core becasue of the position,

我们需要知道,我问我们其他老师和其他人,谁明白其他途径能够循迹人的肉体性来理解这点,也许我们有尺寸和方向[01:43.5-01:47.8 ],在某种程度上你们都知道我把创造这个星球的点称作卡洛琳核心,因为它的位置,

on the other hand, is xxx Caroline was we all know,  [译者未听清01:56.7-02:01.0] but she has been around with me for 25 years so she knows more than anybody else how I feel and I think about the xxx the lot than just teaching and what it means to bring it together,

另一方面,正如我们所知,是XXX卡洛琳,[ 01:56.7-02:01.0 ],但她和我在一起已经25年了,所以她比任何其他人都明白我的感受,以及我对XX的看法,这远超过教学,这意味着把它带到一起。

the discussion is not so much about the health is so much how it brings the te g ni ty of the whole plasma [译者未听清02:23.1-02:27.4] together to lead to the physicality the health looking after for it, because the part of it, so  [译者未听清02:26.4-02:30.7]  I want to shut down and move away.

讨论的内容和健康关系不那么大,这是关于如何把整个等离子[ 02:23.1-02:27.4 ]带到一起,导致身体的健康,并照顾身体,所以[ 02:26.4-02:30.7 ]我想关闭并离开。

And maybe we look at a different way for the first time, a woman teacher xxx s blos Americans she is happy been(giving) away. [译者未听清02:42.9-02:47.2] so we learn to look at it different angle of the whole structure of the Keshe Foundation, the school of thought(sort) by somebody who looks 30 totally different that a lot of us do because we look for systematic when we look for emotion of how to existence,  [译者未听清03:02.7-03:07.0] what we xxx so I think as xxx a part of the teaching of the Keshe worldwide we have to listen and as we all do  [译者未听清03:12.6-03:16.9] respect the position of others thinking and why Caroline soul emotion about this to be understood by a lot of people,  so I leave it to you, leave the teach xxx when I become a student after years. [译者未听清03:29.1-03:33.4]

也许我们第一次看到一个不同的方式,一个女老师XXX美国,她很快乐分享。[ 02:42.9-02:47.2 ]所以我们从不同的角度看待凯史基金会的整体结构,看起来是30个完全不同的人的思想流派(分类),因为当我们寻找如何存在的情感的时候,我们寻找系统性[ 03:02.7-03:07.0 ]我们xxx,所以我把XXX作为的我们必须听的凯史全球教学的一个组成部分,[03:12.6-03:16.9 ] 尊重他人思想的位置,以及为什么关于这一点的卡洛琳的灵魂情感被很多人所理解,所以我把它留给你,几年后,我成为一个学生而离开教XXX。[ 03:29.1-03:33.4 ]


A woman: Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Welcome everybody! finally he had given me the room to talk. but I am grateful because I have been working a lots beside him, it is totally different experience than being in public listening, hearing, knowing what's going on in the background, and I pick up a lot because I am one of them, the students I hear their contribution, I hear the problems,


I hear what they could or could not understand, so I was from my feeling to try to share, to give them the easier way to sort something which is not difficult, and the difficulty was years they are so concentrated in the teaching so much you get so much and took fast,  [译者未听清05:14.7-05:19.0] so it is very difficult to who is the easier way because Mr. Keshe always said when any Africa will be able to do and creates and will go much faster than the west world,

我听到他们能或不能理解的,所以我是从我的感觉去分享,让他们用更容易的方法去分类并不难的事情,困难的是,他们在教学中如此集中,所以你得到这么多,并且很迅速。[消息:/ / 05:14.7-05:19.0 ]所以对希望更加简单的人是非常困难的,因为凯史先生经常说,当任何非洲人能制作和创造,将会比西方人进展的更快,

[译者未听清05:31.2-05:35.5] the problem is we are too much realistic, you are too focused to survive in our habit of computers electricity built cars and also sorts of things, so what I keep on having as feed back is, I have a problem I think you don't have a problem, I said all the problems you just put the key unit, the lock to do, you put them inside. when you can sort them don't fit any more, any sheet,  [译者未听清06:30.6-06:34.9] because you can sort them now. so stop losing energy save your energy and go forward and look, what is xxx to sort  [译者未听清06:37.2-06:41.5] the state of being xxx travel use xxx Mr. Keshe is trying to explain on the plasma. I am full thought him why the ball of the xxx because he was excited he did, you carry the cores, you carry the energy , he always said: I created to you the mxiture of myself.  so you carry the xxx spar of the energy, [译者未听清07:03.6-07:07.9]  this is just how could you go and open it up, not the difficult to it, not 20 of year, not xxx problems but xxx your energy.

[新闻:/ / 05:31.2-05:35.5 ]问题是我们都太现实,你们太专注于在利用电脑电力构造的汽车等各种东西的习惯下生存,所以我一直有反馈,我有一个问题,我想你没有问题,我说的一切问题,你只要把核心单元,这个锁定所做的,你把它们放在里面。当你能把它们归类,不适合任何,任何表格,[消息:/ / 06:30.6-06:34.9 ]因为你现在可以把它们分类。所以不要失去能量保存你的能量和向前看,什么是XXX排序[新闻:/ / 06:37.2-06:41.5 ]使用XXX的 XXX旅行状态。凯史先生试图解释等离子体状态。我很充分地认为他为什么XX的球,因为他为他所做的高兴,你带着核心,你携带能量,他总是说:“我创造了我自己的混合物给你。所以你携带的能量,[新闻:/ / 07:03.6-07:07.9 ]这只是你怎么去打开它,不难,不是20年,不是XXX问题,但XXX你的能量。

[译者未听清07:13.5-07:17.8] so you have to save energy to tap into your really energy, to the come transparent, to come like a diamonds. because he has not told you why you go on to take this journey, this journey if for everybody to go and become teachers in the universe, right cross, because we carry one beautiful gift which we see it in the morest, we see it in the documents we see it in stories and specially Disney [译者未听清07:53.1-07:57.4] always put something very special and that is you love, you care, you share and especially in the consult to your own broad land, you will jump in front of the chocolate if you can save you child,

所以你必须节约能源,挖掘你真正的能量,来达到透明,达到像钻石一样。因为他还没有告诉你为什么你要进行这段旅程,这段旅程如果每个人都去经历并且成为宇宙中的老师,权利交叉,因为我们把带着一个美丽的礼物,我们看到它是最好的,我们看到它在文件中,在故事中,特别是迪士尼[新闻:/ S / 07:53.1-07:57.4 ]总是把很特别的东西到你自己的广阔的土地,那是你的爱,你的关心,你的分享,如果你可以拯救你的孩子,你会跳到巧克力前,

so that energy, you have, you know it, you feel it, so use it for ignorance of your problems if you can't sort out of it  [译者未听清08:26.1-08:30.4] just more and wait, you have more energy to become what you want, to become what you need. I have had a lot of feedback in trying to guide you, wait to look for how to get into this type of this energy [译者未听清08:42.6-08:46.9] this has been done before everywhere around the world, but it is like secret groups just working on them, they don't share it, they getting trained or I know this, I know that, I can do this, I said, why don't you come to teach, because a lot of people not know the way of it, and it is not difficult, the only thing which is xxx back this fear that you xxx knock xxx blow doing it or they can, you can come to the level of transparent, [译者未听清09:25.5-09:29.8]  I just using your own laugh, caring, sharing.

所以那个能量,你拥有它,你知道它,你感觉到它,所以用它来解决你对问题的无知,如果你不能解决它[新闻:/ / 08:26.1-08:30.4 ]你只需要更多的能量和等待,你有更多的能量去成为你想要的,成为你所需要的。我已经有很多反馈来试图引导你,等待寻找如何进入这种能量[新闻:/ / 08:42.6-08:46.9 ]在世界的任何地方之前,这已经做到了,但它是像秘密团体,他们只是对研究它,他们不分享,他们得到训练,我知道这个,我知道那个,我可以做到这个,我说,你为什么不来教,因为很多人不知道它,并且它不难的,唯一是XXX回害怕你XXX敲XXX吹做也可以,你可以到透明,[新闻水平:/ / 09:25.5-09:29.8 ]我只是使用自己的笑,关心,分享。

The more you give, the more you 译者未听清receive. so it is not difficult, it is just finding the way to it and how to do it, so stop the way by your problem which is just too realistic, your financial. when you focus your love even to an animal, it is trxxxx way, when your focus love to someone, your love,it becomes back, you feel good,  so I have been seeing people reach  a thing, I have of problem.


I said just come down, you use your energy to create fields, which Mr. Keshe's trying to explain or the scientific to your feelings generate that feeling of con sharing, loving, knowing you can do it and I always remember the long little story that is the fairy, people reach us to get the water, they can walk ten years around the swimming pool, but they never jumped because just c xxx  jump. but they only take ten seconds to jump, to know, you can't back up,  so you don't jump and that is the only thing seconds.


so when we are going to travel, and become teachers, it is because we have something so beautiful we can share which is the loving, the caring, the feeling, the emotion, you only have to stop,  using the other side tree she keeps sorry pity you can't steal, you can't be coming with something because becoming instead of transparency you know what your intention of, you can't hind it. [译者未听清11:47.4-11:51.7] so it is one of the very hard to mentain that level, because we are not used to, we are not taught and all around which have reached, have never used the right way, but they don't share.

所以当我们去旅行且成为老师的时候,那是因为我们有了一些美好的东西,我们可以分享爱、关心、感受、情感,你只需要停下来,用树的另外一面保持怜悯,你不能去偷,你不能因为变得越来越透明而不知道你的意图是什么,你不能在它后面。[新闻:/ / 11:47.4-11:51.7 ]所以要达到保持这个水平是很难的,因为我们不习惯,我们没有被教过,而已达到的环境,我们从来没有用正确的方式使用它,[但了解这些的人,]他们也不分享这个。

They actually all misusing it, instead of sharing it the way should be, they are all capable because we are all carrying the reactors. we can all activate them. we can all use it, we can all expless it and exchange for that gift,  or weak early, we chase all purpose to leave here, is there any change they were taught all we don't know it,  so don't escape, you can not lose, or you can ease something behind because hearing comfirm this morning, you can carry whatever you need, whatever you want,


you have the energy and capacity to read the people reach, or struggling to be more in your own level.  because the more you give, the more you share, the more they receive, and then it is like the small volent fact,  译者未听清so you become stronger, you become more balance and now see the people and if you see if people responding and seeing,  [译者未听清13:29.7-13:34.0]

你有能量和能力在你自己的水平上去读别人达到的,或者正在努力达到的水平。因为你付出的越多,你分享的越多,他们越接受的多,然后这就像小的??事实,新闻:/ /,所以你变得更强,你变得更加平衡,现在去看人,如果你去看,如果人们在回应和看到,[看到你的消息:/ / 13:29.7-13:34.0 ]

I think you can do it, I said, of course, you can do it. you just need to have to stay to us, that is not fear, and there is conditional love(laugh) [译者未听清13:42.9-13:47.2] we can grow in it by teaching each other, [译者未听清13:46.2-13:50.5]  so I hope there are more people coming into public to support, what I am trying to pass sound that everybody can do it, you don't need years of training, you just need to know yourself, and you can do it.

我认为你可以做到,我说,当然,你可以做到。你只需要留下来给我们,那不是恐惧,是有条件的爱(笑)[消息:/ / 13:42.9-13:47.2 ]我们可以在其中成长,通过互相教对方,[消息:/ / 13:46.2-13:50.5 ]所以我希望有更多的人进入公开场合来支持,我试图通过声音告诉你们,每个人都能做到,你不需要多年的训练,你只需要知道你自己,你可以做到的。

and I please I find all  the teachers which have gone to these years be training and trainee to, they know they have reached the level or why they to keep silent, so it is not so difficult to teach, and don't get confused about the end of traination of being you being brought up, don't, you carry it, you carry it just explain to you all of it. you carry everything you need. you just have to stop cheating yourself, cheating other people, don't come balance. Because you can do it. you have the gift to the all universe, because you have the energy to show what we have xxx year it is the love and care.  and that is easy to teach, it is just have to tap into it.  [译者未听清15:15.3-15:19.6]


[译者未听清15:18.6-15:22.9] and I go

[译者未听清15:21.9-15:26.2] every day I was with other people we say all

[译者未听清15:25.2-15:29.5] I be tall this is younger I remember that

[译者未听清15:28.5-15:32.8] to come forward to teach

[译者未听清15:31.8-15:36.1] to help, to share, because that's every xxx xxx

[译者未听清15:38.4-15:42.7] not the way

[译者未听清15:41.7-15:46.0] and this is something Mr. Keshe told me 20 years ago

[译者未听清15:45.0-15:49.3] because that is xxx  to hear to live

[译者未听清15:48.3-15:52.6] he says your purpose is to teach

[译者未听清15:51.6-15:55.9] but other beings don't know

[译者未听清15:54.9-15:59.2] or not aware of what having not developed

[译者未听清15:58.2-16:02.5] and the exchange you have got another

[译者未听清16:01.5-16:05.8] gift, it continues the sharing, giving

[译者未听清16:08.1-16:12.4] the more you give, the more you recieve.


[译者未听清16:11.4-16:15.7] so I thought all of op to us how many people real reach to the teachings to helping, to sharing, because the more people we get to this level, the more people will be added the right way. and if you can achieve to take everybody because everything go wrong carry the same seats of the origin so we can reach every single soul, because we can bring them to all the energy to all the attention to the level which we need we want them to be, to come and share. travel with us. we don't leave anybody behind, because I know they already there the blacks are already there, the xxx already there. because they are already share they already feel they give  [译者未听清17:17.4-17:21.7]

they already there to create they already there give.

so only to xxx. that means to learn to stop.

所以我认为所有的作品都有多少人真正达到了教导,帮助,分享,因为我们越是这样的人,更多的人会被加入到正确的方式中来。如果你能实现救助每个人错误的方式生活的人,那么我们就可以到达每个灵魂,因为我们可以把所有的能量带到我们关注的我们需要的水平,这个水平是我们希望他们达到的,希望他们来分享,与我们一起旅行。我们不让任何人落下,因为我知道他们已经在那里了,那里的黑人已经在那里了,XXX已经在那里了。因为他们已经分享他们已经感觉到,[ 17:17.4-17:21.7 ]他们已经创造他们已经有只有XXX。这意味着要学会停止。

[译者未听清17:27.3-17:31.6] think before you do. You are capable because you are already carrying it. I created the imagine of myself. Keep some xxx get xxx built it you carry it  [译者未听清17:43.8-17:48.1] so use it the right way. and transparent thing means shining like a diamond. had more shandow that you might be want to have something else  [译者未听清17:57.0-18:01.3] or your attentions or not the way they should do. [译者未听清18:00.3-18:04.6] that is what it means, shine transparent means your attentions of clearly they know you are there for what you want to give, you need, you have been given, he keeps xxx xxx so if the east open these doors and the west open these doors. [译者未听清18:26.7-18:31.0] and they mix and they give to each other, most problems  [译者未听清18:30.0-18:34.3] to all in the teachings  [译者未听清18:33.3-18:37.6] they are already knowing the basics they already understand the basics, they already know how to plough, they already know how to do it. so if they emerge or these energy  [译者未听清18:46.5-18:50.8] we will be able to do it.

[ 17:27.3-17:31.6 ]想在你之前。你有能力,因为你已经携带它。我创造了自己的想象。保留一些xxx xxx建你把它[ 17:43.8-17:48.1 ]所以用正确的方式使用它。透明的东西意味着像钻石般闪耀。有更多的影子,你可能会想一些其他的17:57.0-18:01.3 ]或[你的关注或不像他们应该做的。[ 18:00.3-18:04.6 ]这是它的含义,光泽透明意味着你的情感显然知道你有什么,你想给的,你需要的,你已经给了,他把XXX,如果东方打开这些门,那么西方也打开这些门。[ 18:26.7-18:31.0 ]他们融合,他们给予对方,大部分的问题[ 18:30.0-18:34.3 ]都在教导中[ 18:33.3-18:37.6 ]他们已经知道了他们已经了解的基本知识,他们已经知道如何耕种,他们已经知道如何去做。所以如果他们出现或这些能量[ 18:46.5-18:50.8 ]我们就能做到。

[译者未听清18:49.8-18:54.1]  [译者未听清18:53.1-18:57.4]  [译者未听清18:56.4-19:00.7] and I hope I put some notes to message and lead to my facebook.  [译者未听清19:03.0-19:07.3] there are enough sources you can find to tap into  [译者未听清19:09.6-19:13.9] this energy, how to learn to tap into it, it just brings safe up.  [译者未听清19:12.9-19:17.2] don't think wrong, don't do wrong. don't feel wrong. correct your thinking, your interaction with people, choose continuously truth in the c  xxx habit. what way this habit you become more and more aware  [译者未听清19:36.0-19:40.3] and you lose your problem and you lose your wrong, you lose what you not corse to it, just have to prenears  [译者未听清19:45.9-19:50.2]  [译者未听清19:52.5-19:56.8] we just have to xxx of this already here and escape  [译者未听清19:55.8-20:00.1] repeating, he says

[译者未听清20:02.1-20:08.2] go back to the emotion, go back to the feeling, how you follow the lost of time

[ 18:49.8-18:54.1 18:53.1-18:57.4 18:56.4-19:00.7 ]我希望我把一些注释信息,放到我的脸谱网。[ 19:03.0-19:07.3 ]这里有有足够的来源,你可以找到并且进入[ 19:09.6-19:13.9 ]这个能量,学会利用它,它只是带来安全。[ 19:12.9-19:17.2 ]别想错了,别做错事。不要错误感觉。纠正你的想法,你与人的互动,在你的习惯中不断地选择真理。这个方式这个习惯让你越来越意识到19:36.0-19:40.3 ]和[你不再有问题,你将不再有错,你失去了XX,只需要prenears [ 19:45.9-19:50.2 ] [ 19:52.5-19:56.8 ]我们只需要XXX这已经在这里逃避[ 19:55.8-20:00.1 ]重复,他说

[ 20:02.1-20:08.2 ]回到情感,去感觉,你怎么跟失去的时间

[译者未听清20:07.2-20:13.3] that is the feeling you have to try to maitain

[译者未听清20:12.3-20:18.4] you have to be away off continuously unconditional

[译者未听清20:17.4-20:23.5] because if I give you this but I put it tot.

[译者未听清20:22.5-20:28.6] I have to get something back for it, that doesn't work

[译者未听清20:27.6-20:33.7] you give and let it go

[译者未听清20:32.7-20:38.8] that is how it creates, xxx

[译者未听清20:37.8-20:43.9] it gives you more, what you have abrary yourself to continuously

[译者未听清20:42.9-20:49.0] create the energy that goes be away if it

[译者未听清20:48.0-20:54.1] from somebody or you talk to somebody the right way

[译者未听清20:53.1-20:59.2] even go up

[译者未听清20:58.2-21:04.3] I don't know if anybody has a question,

[译者未听清21:03.3-21:09.4] I don't know which like to have some voice about it

[译者未听清21:08.4-21:14.5] any questions appearing xxx

[ 20:07.2-20:13.3 ],你要尽量保持感觉

[ 20:12.3-20:18.4 ]你要连续无条件的离开

[ 20:17.4-20:23.5 ]因为如果我给你这个,但我把它全部给你。

[ 20:22.5-20:28.6 ]我必须已经得到回来的东西,不工作

[ 20:27.6-20:33.7 ]你给予付出,随它去吧

[ 20:32.7-20:38.8 ]这是它如何创造的,XXX

[ 20:37.8-20:43.9 ]它给你更多,你有阿布里??自己不断

[ 20:42.9-20:49.0 ]创造能量,不若

[ 20:48.0-20:54.1 ]从别人或者你跟某人用正确方法交谈

[ 20:53.1-20:59.2 ]甚至提高

[ 20:58.2-21:04.3 ]我不知道是否有人有问题,

[ 21:03.3-21:09.4 ]我不知道要对它有一些声音

[ 21:08.4-21:14.5 ]任何问题出现的XXX

[译者未听清21:13.5-21:19.6] A woman: Caroline, thank you! that's beautiful!

[译者未听清21:18.6-21:24.7] Caroline, can you hear me?

Caronline: Yes, I can.

[译者未听清21:28.8-21:34.9] A woman: When you are saying that there is people out there they to want to come for what

[译者未听清21:33.9-21:40.0] they let down their fear,

[译者未听清21:39.0-21:45.1] do you feel, I am afress the question, do you feel,

[译者未听清21:44.1-21:50.2] that they feel that they some way environment

[译者未听清21:49.2-21:55.3] to support them just come forward?

[译者未听清21:54.3-22:00.4] Caroline: No. if I analyze they did respond it first

[译者未听清21:59.4-22:05.5] thing is fear. I need to be invited

[译者未听清22:04.5-22:10.6] to be able to, I said, I invited to and then.

[译者未听清22:09.6-22:15.7] they still saying no, no, no.

[译者未听清22:14.7-22:20.8] I said B is explaining to me that you are capable

[译者未听清22:19.8-22:25.9] why don't you come to in the opening share what we have

[译者未听清22:24.9-22:31.0] become have enough room we can create not speed to teach

[译者未听清21:13.5-21:19.6 ]女人:卡洛琳,谢谢你!那真美好

[ 21:18.6-21:24.7 ]卡洛琳,你能听到我吗?


[ 21:28.8-21:34.9 ]女人:当你说有人在那里他们要来做什么

[ 21:33.9-21:40.0 ]他们放下他们的恐惧,

[ 21:39.0-21:45.1 ]你的感觉,我AFRESS问题,你感觉得到吗,

[ 21:44.1-21:50.2 ],他们觉得某种环境

[ 21:49.2-21:55.3 ]支持他们来了吗?

[ 21:54.3-22:00.4 ]卡洛琳:如果我对他们没有回应它的第一

[ 21:59.4-22:05.5 ]是恐惧。我需要被邀请

[ 22:04.5-22:10.6 ]可以,我说,我的邀请而。

[ 22:09.6-22:15.7 ]他们仍然说不,不,不

[ 22:14.7-22:20.8 ]我说B向我解释你的能力

[ 22:19.8-22:25.9 ]你为什么不来参加我们的公开分享

[ 22:24.9-22:31.0 ]我们已经成为,我们有足够的空间,我们可以创造没有速度教

[译者未听清22:30.0-22:36.1] I have very bad experience with like people from

[译者未听清22:35.1-22:41.2] Nasa they are trained to use

[译者未听清22:40.2-22:46.3] this energy and they are capable of using it

[译者未听清22:45.3-22:51.4] why do you have to go with firstly Nasa.

[译者未听清22:50.4-22:56.5] secondly when you have been in Nasa,

[译者未听清22:55.5-23:01.6] and you have been taught why don't you broad side and share

[译者未听清23:00.6-23:06.7] is not something you can contaminate somebody with it, if you

[译者未听清23:05.7-23:11.8] do it the right way, but usually even they come around me

[译者未听清23:10.8-23:16.9] they lose the energy instead of me giving but my attention

[译者未听清23:15.9-23:22.0] or sph tality

[译者未听清23:21.0-23:27.1] franch share, xxx learn more and very careless about

[译者未听清23:26.1-23:32.2] these things, my xxx go the wrong way when they can

[译者未听清23:31.2-23:37.3] what they are taught is about to be very positive

[译者未听清23:36.3-23:42.4] and giving is not difficult, because if

[译者未听清23:41.4-23:47.5] all these people which have unto this trainings and they have these experiences

[ 22:30.0-22:36.1 ]我与来自NASA[ 美国宇航局]的人有非常糟糕的经历

[ 22:35.1-22:41.2 ] 他们对使用这种能量训练有素

[ 22:40.2-22:46.3 ]他们有能力使用它

[ 22:45.3-22:51.4 ]你为什么要先去NASA。

[ 22:50.4-22:56.5 ]其次,当你已经在美国宇航局,

[ 22:55.5-23:01.6 ]你一直被教导为何不宽边和分享

[ 23:00.6-23:06.7 ]是不是你可以污染别人吧,如果你

[ 23:05.7-23:11.8 ]用正确的方式做,但通常是他们来到我身边

[ 23:10.8-23:16.9 ]他们失去能量而不是我,给我的关注

23:15.9-23:22.0 ]或SPH生命力


[ 23:26.1-23:32.2 ]当他们可以的时候吗,我XXX走错了路

[ 23:31.2-23:37.3 ]教给他们的东西是非常积极的

[ 23:36.3-23:42.4 ]给予并不难,因为如果

[ 23:41.4-23:47.5 ]所有这些人都对这个培训,他们有这些经验

[译者未听清23:46.5-23:52.6] stop fear the teaching what you know and share it to somebody else

[译者未听清23:51.6-23:57.7] the same level, without the game the rome intentions the stealing.

[译者未听清23:56.7-24:02.8] that's very keeping on going wrong, and Mr. Keshe keeps on going

[译者未听清24:01.8-24:07.9] in all these teachings if you put a red line, he says there are only here two students

[译者未听清24:12.0-24:18.1] which is shocking to me because we are not here to

[译者未听清24:17.1-24:23.2] steal, we are here to give, the more we can give, the more

[译者未听清24:22.2-24:28.3] we can go forward. I am

[译者未听清24:27.3-24:33.4] always there to give a hand, to help, to sport

[译者未听清24:32.4-24:38.5] I don't know what's wrong with that, so if you clean

[ 23:46.5-23:52.6 ]不要害怕把你所知道的教给相同的水平的别人

[ 23:51.6-23:57.7 ],没有游戏,罗马意图偷窃。

[ 23:56.7-24:02.8 ]这是非常错误的,和Keshe先生在继续

[ 24:01.8-24:07.9 ]所有这些教导,如果你划一个红色的线,他说只有两个学生

[ 24:12.0-24:18.1 ]这是令我震惊的,因为我们不是在这里偷窃

[ 24:17.1-24:23.2 ]我们在这里给予,我们越能给予的更多,

[ 24:22.2-24:28.3 ]我们就可以前进更远。

[ 24:27.3-24:33.4 ]我一直在那里给给你帮手,去帮助你们,去支持你们

[ 24:32.4-24:38.5 ]我不知道这有什么错,

[译者未听清24:37.5-24:43.6] so if you clean you have all these why don't you make the step for fear beside you and realize you can do and do. I can do to certain point because I taught myself how to see my own plasma field on my hands, I see in how that I can create to see the plasma of my field plants and then I need the next step to go and see the plasma field doctor trees and other no way I can store things the plasma field from people, I don't ask for it, I don't use it, people know it because to me I don't need it I just know I can do it. but use it it is not perfect to me but to teach to somebody plasma you can see from your own body, you can see from the plants, you can see from the animals and people.


What Chinese in the teaching just now showed was the pictures and the colors of the all around is all different plasma field. and somebody from Nasa I think xxx put it on my facebook. thing question can you explain what is all let me think about it.  [译者未听清26:04.2-26:10.3] Nasy came the very beautiful answers he said ignore plasma econo I mean ignorant the colors I know these things because that is not important. What it is important is the core inside the person, because that is very nearest is very they have to add up it into and look at because the reality so these all just toos for you to understand that you just keep xxx xxxx .

在刚才的中国教学中,我们看到的是所有不同的等离子场的图片和颜色。来自NASA的人,我认为XXX,把它放在我的脸谱网。你能解释什么是让我思考的问题。[ 26:04.2-26:10.3 ]Nasy[??]是非常漂亮的回答,他说,我的意思是无知无视等离子体的颜色,我知道这些是因为这不重要。重要的是人的核心,因为那是非常接近的,看看因为现实,所以这些都只是你的工具,让你明白你只是保持XXX XXXX。

[译者未听清26:45.0-26:51.1] because I think somebody quite few weeks or months even they go. he puts  [译者未听清26:50.1-26:56.2] his hand in front the com on the Internet you can see his hands go into transparent so he is reaching the state of transparency by just increasing his energy level, those people should start coming forward who are capable of doing this because xxx go you can go completely transparent and you are not disappearing you are just in a different state and you can come back, you can walk in, you can walk back, what I have understood from all the teaching Mr. Keshe's that we all can travel if we are losing anything the way are s xxx  in front of you the way that we all can travel, is I can just become transparent and because my transparency I don't carry what we see this dealing the negetivity the wrong things so you can achieve all of you and once who have caught should taught teaching and

[ 26:45.0-26:51.1 ]因为我觉得某人很几周或几个月以前。他把他的手在前面] [ 26:50.1-26:56.2 COM在互联网上你可以看到他的手变得透明,所以他只是增加他的能量水平到达到透明的状态,那些人能这样做的人应该挺身而出,因为XXX,你可以完全透明,你不会消失,你只是在一个不同的状态,你能回来,你可以进入这个状态,你可以走回来,我从所有的凯史先生的教学中理解,我们都可以旅行,如果我们失去的东西是这样的XXX在你前面的路,我能成为透明的,因为我的透明,我不携带我们所看到的这个负面错误的东西,所以你可以实现所有的你,而曾经做到的人应该来教学。

[译者未听清28:06.6-28:12.7] don't understand why there is so much fear of sharing the knowledge is not because they carry the diploma, there is not secret for I know e l a s ploma and it is useful for your own purpose, so that person would come forward because I don't understand, why not! and I am a student, this is only one thing this answer fear.  [译者未听清28:37.2-28:43.3] because you all can do it, we can all do it. we can by the coming to this level too, very easy. because to my post message goes information of the old day for the very very long time and this is the second time I have been in the forward because I teach you step by step  [译者未听清29:18.0-29:24.1] which hold you back to which is their level which is the problems which were stored which I said the lock the door, don't through the key way just put the  [译者未听清29:23.1-29:29.2] side I have answered xxx xxx  [译者未听清29:28.2-29:34.3]

[ 28:06.6-28:12.7 ]不明白为什么知识共享有这么多的恐惧,不是因为他们拿文凭,没有秘密,我知道我的等离子体,它对自己的目的是有用的,所以这样的人会挺身而出,因为我不懂,为什么不懂!我是一个学生,这是唯一的一件事,这个答案恐惧。[ 28:37.2-28:43.3 ]因为你都能做到,我们都可以做到。我们可以通过这一级别的,非常容易。因为我的留言是旧的一天的信息,很长时间了,这是我第二次在前,因为我一步步教你们[ 29:18.0-29:24.1 ]将你带回到他们的水平,这是我所说的问题是锁上门,别把钥匙扔掉,放在旁边,就是把[ 29:23.1-29:29.2 ]我已经回答XXX[ 29:28.2-29:34.3 ]

[译者未听清30:00.5-30:05.7] realistic thing if you ever got carry on radio.you don't need to lose your energy or something you can not , you don't need to worry about something you can not sort now, just hold your energy to the level that you can use it to what I understood to become transparent which means unconditional sharing and loving you don't need any matry


[译者未听清30:04.7-30:09.9] whatever you desire, you can carry radio, because you bring it to your level. and you go with it.

[译者未听清30:13.1-30:18.3] and I wish a lot of people had a lot of responds this time the first time I didn't have so many responses to it, but I hope people which have found there is capable they xxxx  xxxx   xxxx open. you have any more questions , please?

[ 30:04.7-30:09.9 ]不管你的愿望如何,你可以随身携带收音机,因为你把它带到你的水平,和你一起去。

[ 30:13.1-30:18.3 ]我希望这次很多人有很多的回应,这次我没有太多的反应,但我希望它有能力XXXX XXXX打开他们的人。请问你们还有什么问题吗?

A man: Thank you Caroline. I remember wishing so much success if you love and enjoy these people out xx xx xx step by the fear.

[译者未听清30:55.1-31:00.3] sincerity and you true comparision for all I hope is enough energy for them to xxx and between parents.


[ 30:55.1-31:00.3 ]真诚与你真正的比较我希望有足够的能量去XXX和父母之间。

Caroline: The funny thing is xxx they have the into the energy, they have done these.

[译者未听清31:11.9-31:17.1] they know the only column trying to do this for them to common state and teach others they know how the energy works. It is not secret.


[ 31:11.9-31:17.1 ]他们知道唯一的专栏,试图这样做,为他们的共同状态,教别人,他们知道能量如何工作。这不是秘密。

A woman:  [译者未听清31:28.7-31:33.9] I just fear why capan step if they have energy of the energy why they don't use the energy, the energy xxx them overcome the fear.

女人:[ 31:28.7-31:33.9 ]我只是害怕为什么前面如果他们有了的能量,为什么他们不使用能源,能源XXX他们克服恐惧。


Caroline: Because the society has not except it in some ways.

A woman: Could it be thought of, how to say, the stage of the school, could the so xxx to the young. to understand its position you mean the power.  [译者未听清32:06.5-32:11.7] to step through.

Caroline: I don't think so. I think it is why do so many people from the west usually we call them hippies(嬉皮士)or different we don't fit in the western society. Why do they go and seek this in the east? They are all around journey to find it because they're looking for it.


一个女人:能想到的是,怎么说,学校的阶段,可以如此XXX到年轻。要了解它的位置,你的意思是权利。[ 32:06.5-32:11.7 ]一步一步地通过。



A woman: Yes, I do believe. it is an incred need for a balance.

Caronline: No. it is like a quest, because here is not available not in that way because they are more ahead of us. They know how to do. China is beautiful they carry all the knowledge, they even all fore the head of us. but in a different way, the way xxx energy lying    how to taping into it. [译者未听清33:17.9-33:23.1] what it likes something maybe the language barrier, I don't know. The story I have heard from going to xxx(e g) to find on the quest, to find this is that when they arrive there they are not getting taught where they shoot so they only getposhlyof it because this like  [译者未听清33:51.5-33:56.7] ,how can say, I can only call it like set because this protect it  [译者未听清33:59.9-34:05.1]


凯若琳:不,这就像是一个探索,因为在这里没有这样的方式,因为它们远远领先我们。他们知道怎么做。中国是美好的,他们携带所有的知识,他们甚至都在我们的之前,但以不同的方式,不同的方式能在XXX如何进入它。[ 33:17.9-33:23.1 ]它所喜欢的东西也许是语言障碍,我不知道。我有去XXX听到的故事,去探索发现,当他们到达那里并没有教他们,他们只得到poshly??因为这像[ 33:51.5-33:56.7 ],怎么说,我只能叫它像?因为这个保护它33:59.9-34:05.1 ]

[译者未听清33:59.9-34:05.1] and you can't the ethinse on the quest because it  like it could  [译者未听清33:59.9-34:05.1] correct but this just blan human  [译者未听清34:04.1-34:09.3] to humanity were needs not to give us secret but to open out and everybody  [译者未听清34:12.5-34:17.7] can store it, using it, flying it. do we should be  [译者未听清34:16.7-34:21.9] because it is already there, western people have the huge problems because of they never being taught they can they never being confirm they have confidence.

[ 33:59.9-34:05.1 ]你不能ethinse探索,因为好像它可以正确[ 33:59.9-34:05.1 ]但这只是阿兰人[ 34:04.1-34:09.3 ]人类是不需要给我们的秘密,但公开出来[ 34:12.5-34:17.7 ]每个人都可以储存它,使用它,用它飞翔。做我们应该的[34:16.7-34:21.9 ] 因为它已经在那里了,西方的人有很大的问题,因为他们从来没有教导,他们不确定他们有信心。

They, in so many ways, don't get the time to spend much time on their spacetravel they call it.  [译者未听清34:46.1-34:51.3] so a lot of people try to skype to seize this part of the world  [译者未听清34:50.3-34:55.5] to learn to become pieceful but I don't need to go to India, I just set my gardon, I know what time of the sun I need in the morning, or in the evening, with just for bring the blue sky,  [译者未听清35:07.1-35:12.3] you can start teaching yourself, in a very simple way, just by concerntrating wanting and giving. and it appearing in front of you, so I don't need to go to you  [译者未听清35:19.7-35:24.9] got teach I don't need to go to another teacher. I found myself and I can Iplyit, I can teach  [译者未听清35:28.1-35:33.3] it very easy to othere people because it is not difficult.

他们在很多方面,没有花太多的时间在他们叫的太空旅行上。[ 34:46.1-34:51.3 ]所以很多人尝试用Skype抓住这个世界的一部分34:50.3-34:55.5 ] 来学习成为和平的人,但我不需要去印度,我只是打理我的花园,我知道早上,我需要什么时间的阳光,或在晚上,只要把蓝色的天空带来,[ 35:07.1-35:12.3 ]你可以教自己,用一种很简单的方法,只是集中注意力向往和给予。它出现在你的面前,所以我不需要去你那里教学[ 35:19.7-35:24.9 ]我不需要去成为另一个老师。我发现自己,我可以很容易的教其他人[ 35:28.1-35:33.3 ]因为它不难。

it is like getting a phd is very difficult but anyway it is not. becoming a professor because the language they created they short of the difficult that you don't want to mean the step. because you think you not capable but Mr. Keshe just explained what you carry inside, you carry full of the xxx, you carry the ethinse of flight.  [译者未听清36:05.9-36:11.1] you just need to know how to own work it by being correct, not by trying to beat xxx which actually hurts me because xxx wanting to say something that doesn't xxx you, wanting more than what you are giving.[译者未听清36:35.3-36:40.5]

这就像获得博士学位是非常困难的,但无论如何它不是。成为一名教授,因为他们创造的语言,他们缺少困难,你不想意味着这一步。因为你认为你没有能力,但凯史先生只是解释你内在携带的东西里面,你带着全部的XXX,你带着飞行的ethinse??。[ 36:05.9-36:11.1 ]你只需要知道如何去做自己的工作,而不是试图击败XXX,这实际上伤害了我,因为XXX想说一些不XXX你的东西,想得到比你所给予的还多[ 36:35.3-36:40.5 ]

you shouldn't be away  [译者未听清36:43.7-36:48.9] of his own godness. and  [译者未听清36:52.1-36:57.3] you can find information what I shared, trying it, you'll see: wow! I can see the xxx of plant and has the correct xxx if I go to this plant that I can see this column. If I look at that person, I can see the kind of life, without foresee, without trying to abuse. So we all can do it. this is we need to know we can and this is our gift, travel to go ofrarfand not caring,to n xxxthat in. and I hope you go to the next building, I would see a lot of happy faces instead of , you can, you can, take the energy there,  any you create, be ready for they did we open it out. And I can talk for hours but I shouldn't.

[36:43.7-36:48.9 ] 你不应该去远离自己的女神。[36:52.1-36:57.3 ]你可以找到我共享的信息,尝试它,你会看到:哇!我可以看到 植物的XXX,并有正确的XXX,如果我去这个植物,我可以看到这个柱。如果我看着那个人,我可以看到那种生活,没有预见,没有试图滥用。所以我们都可以做到。这是我们需要知道我们能,这是我们的礼物,旅行去,不用关心,到XXX。我希望你去下一个建筑,我会看到很多幸福的面孔,而不是,你可以,你可以,在那里获得能量,任何你创造的,为他们准备好了,我们打开它。我可以说几个小时,但我不应该那样。

Another woman: I will dance stop by join it.

Caroline: Thank you following.

Another woman: I love you are an female voice I have heard.

Caroline: I just stop but I don't put you to sleep.

Another woman: No, No.

Caroline: You can do it! Trying! Everybody can do it Sarly, try it. Everybody can do it

Another woman: Yes.








第二部分翻译  micropoint

Keshe: Ok.I will take this off because, let me explain why Caronline and a lot of people go to on transparent, you keep on saying the more you give, the more you will recieve.


Do you understand how I (hi) work to recieve and hi works. In the Chinese section, I just explained it.

If this is your magnetical which is giving and this is your gravitaional field which is taking, ralities. the more you give, which is giving away, the more you open the field up the gravity to (a) recieve,

that is simple and the more you recieve, the stronger the mas becomes that you have more toexploreto recieve more that isimplotic.





so when you give intention to self, you re show community the more you explore to recieve from the dimention xxx on the well.(will) so then it is very easy to create the Spaceship what any dimention in the units.

if you understand this, and the unconditional give, humanity, is love, when you love someone, when you love you child, you give out condition, it doesn't matter what he does because this is your job.




this is how your born to be. so the more you give, xxx of  the low is strength, the gravitational field to attract to receive is available. This is, then the conser we call, you become transparent, you put that level in that level, because receive enough you become transparent,[译者未听清41:41.1-41:44.5]

这是你生来就有的。所以你给予越多,[xxx of the low?]是一种力量,用以得到的吸收的引力场就可以获得。这是我们所说的[conser?],你将变得透明,你把那个级别放到那个级别,因为得到足够多你就变得透明

because you only develop the fields when you have a different balance, when you are becoming balance, you are of the same.

So when we talk about giving and taking, loving, all, it means we open the channel to give, and then you find out how much you open up the more you give because the more fields are available for you to receive.

You gravtate because now the other fields which have the ethense in giving they give off the high strings of them because now they are there to engage xxx what[译者未听清42:48.3-42:51.7]you released for giving.




and you see so easy. so you can not lose you always win. then you wish to the part of bigger society to serve human society has a limitation, the spaceship is terminalogy for joining the high world[译者未听清43:21.9-43:25.3]

why you want to go from home to school to get educated to enlarge your knowledge, why does man isn't the process of entering the universal community because now it is ready to learn more because you learn more you can share more.

If any of you understand this process, you are avatar[译者未听清43:57.9-44:01.3]the rare of the creation because then you decide what you want to create in the (core) according the just[译者未听清44:05.1-44:08.5]some correct.




so when next time you stop thinking about creating a plasma teaching the more you teach, the more you receive. Bceause when you share, you open the xxx receiving of the totality from every aspects.

When you teach here, we don't open to the humnity, we open to universe community, that's what you come to.

This morning today, I explain in a very very easy way, how as a human race when you go into space in every part of the universe you connect to each other to xxx amino acid connection[译者未听清45:09.9-45:13.3]one field is endanger or something is wrong in the condition the rest of you cross universe field but on other hand I explain this morning you youself the earth I mean human being of it was created xxx totality[译者未听清45:26.7-45:30.1]of the universal community that's how you come to be bceause that's the game to stand, so now you are connected to the universal community.




The more you give, the more you elevate to the next step to understand the next level. A lot of you look for the space travel in time you understand the only thing you learn from me is the elevation of the soul to the room, you decide you to the stretion[译者未听清45:57.9-46:01.3]when you want to be in anywhere[译者未听清46:02.7-46:06.1]so as I said this morning in the teaching you have the blood, you have the lenth and you have what we call the carolin to nerves and flow of the plasma of the emotion you carry blood to pyhsicality which is in the lenth, besides what is going to be where, they say out how we said[译者未听清46:36.3-46:39.7]this morning or the xxx of[译者未听清46:36.3-46:39.7]nail

你给予越多,你会更多的提升到下一步来理解更高一级层次。你们许多人及时寻找太空旅行,你们知道能从我这里学习的唯一的事情就是灵魂的提升,你确定你要到[stretion],当你想要到任何地方时,所以正如我今天早上在教学所说,你有血,你有[lenth],你有我们所称的神经的凯若琳核心和情感的等离子体的流动,你携带血到腿上的物理身体[which is in the lenth],除了本身血要去的地方以外,他们说出了我们早上所说的,或者指甲的[xxx]

so now as we explained in the universal condition, the gravitational magnetive field of the plasma of universe is you linf[译者未听清46:50.7-46:54.1]emtion is your intention the difference between the two if you can direct it the right way in stop being in. selling the nail, just tip of your toe.[译者未听清47:05.1-47:08.5]this point in the xxx[译者未听清47:07.5-47:10.9]what of the physicality in the space,


because then you manifest yourself as a being at that point was xxx[译者未听清47:17.1-47:20.5]the only difference is you replace the body of the man wait the body of you in the universe[译者未听清47:24.3-47:27.7]there is no diffenence. you dictate the point of manifestation, you dictate the way you want to manifest.

You want to manifest transparent as a linf or you want to be a transparent at the self[译者未听清47:43.5-47:46.9]which creates the xxxty of your eye.[译者未听清47:48.3-47:51.7]because transparent enough but the life go through it[译者未听清47:53.1-47:56.5]the xxx you can[译者未听清47:53.1-47:56.5]understand very xxx. so man if he is looking for transparency xxx as all they learned it.[译者未听清48:00.3-48:03.7]when you look the eye of man, you see through his face to his emotion because you see through the eye, so man all you know his gene how to be transparent, that's what Caroline was speaking. If your eye, they wasn't transparent issue, no light to them went to the liquicy[译者未听清48:26.7-48:30.1]



It's you to understand how transparent you become to the xxx totality of the light has in bodyment of the physicality then you decide where and how you manifest yourself. as I said in the teaching of this morning what you call spaceship is the world who understand instead of understanding of pyhsicality, if you understand the order of create you don't know in the ship or any form to travel the stand of the universe.


So do we need health, medical care in the space when you know how to control everything yourself through the shrink the plasma[译者未听清49:26.7-49:30.1]through you thought which I said in the Chinese teaching, your emotion the connection with your soul has already dictated your physicality because the physicality late to the creation of emotion and soul itself, it is not teaching control of physicality what you call health, xxx teaching exact among of emotion to lead to the creation of the physicality the way you want if you want to be physical so this goes back to the same thing. Your add to the plasma of your magnetical, you become, because just this is your phsicality that is how you manifest in respect of the outside, if you want to be,let'sgo back,[译者未听清50:33.9-50:37.3],and you can always add through your energy you become transparent or not transparent.


你怎样展现自己,如果你想要回家,我们立即回去。 你总能通过你的能量来实现透明


In respect to the environment which you[译者未听清50:53.1-50:56.5]in space technology you learned inside open this before[译者未听清51:00.3-51:03.7]you are there you can be seen, if you create the wrong strength you will be more visible[译者未听清51:07.5-51:10.9]if you create the right strength and as you know friction between your gravitation magnetive field and environment gravitation magnetive field,[译者未听清51:19.5-51:22.9]there is xxx when transtation[译者未听清51:24.3-51:27.7]there is no phsicality, you are aware of the existence of the earth in respect to sun because gravitation magnetive field of the sun when you transtion gravitation magnetive field of the earth, mean of two different[译者未听清51:41.1-51:44.5]shrinks create the fiction you see the light. If remake it too, the same, theresemle trantionno belity[译者未听清51:50.7-51:54.1]you never see the earth to its hint it[译者未听清51:53.1-51:56.5]now you know how to make yourself invisible.

至于环境,你在太空技术中已经学会打开这个,因为你就在那里可以被看到。如果你创建错误的强度,你将会更明显。如果你创建了正确的强度,而你知道在你的磁引力场和环境引力场之间的摩擦。当发生转换时没有物理申请,你清楚地球相对太阳的存在,因为太阳的磁引力场和转换地球的磁引力场时,两个场收缩创造了摩擦,你就看见了光。如果重做它也是一样的。那种resemle trantion没有能力,你不能看到地球,现在你知道怎样使自己看不见的。

now you know how to make yourself visible, understanding that you have created that what we call, echo, gravitation magnetive field between the two because this is magrav if your magrav is equal to the magrav of this is no interaction is no friction. there is no transparent. there is nothing to see, totally transparent. this is how you can see through in the across universe because the field of xxx own in balance so there is no friction, very soon very xxx.[译者未听清52:55.5-52:58.9]it is in Book No. 3 or No.2. The Structure Of the Light. that the balance or near balance of the xxx gravitational field of universe give us[译者未听清53:12.3-53:15.7]in your light you creates but transparency we can see through[译者未听清53:14.7-53:18.1]so you can do the same[译者未听清53:17.1-53:20.5]you can do the same. Creating enough, release enough, and you can control[译者未听清53:21.9-53:25.3]during the motion nothing else. because you to your emotion in the center decide how much you release at the point of interaction what appears.



If this appearance at this point can read with a cancer in your long, you just xxx to move[译者未听清53:45.9-53:49.3]let it a high a low in the motion[译者未听清53:48.3-53:51.7]interaction but not take, no take, no phsicality tend ability[译者未听清53:55.5-53:58.9]this is what I said with seconds you can release any xxx because all you do[译者未听清54:05.1-54:08.5]with intention you release into the whole field of existence, you change the xxx law of the whole structure only cancer can we if the environment allows  this in the interaction with itself to exist if you change envionment we can not exist.

If you desire to live the phsicality I can not stop you, but the desire is to be phsical, be here, you can always change the wish, the emotion,we didthe whole change the structrue, you can point it outside the xxx teaching for this structure to be inside you or outside you and if you can do it ouside you, and you can position the way you like if the phsicality of[译者未听清55:02.7-55:06.1]exception of use of the spaceship you build the phsi[译者未听清55:07.5-55:10.9]the only way you do this is to give unconditioning and uncondition is what I create the purpose of serving and not to be served, and that's what maybe for the time you understand but the return on the Keshe Foundation.

如果在这个点的表现能够确认为你的肺里有癌症的话,你就运动,让肺一高一低运动进行交互,但是不要索取,没有物理? 这是我说的你能释放任何东西,因为所有你做的就是将你的意图释放到存在的场里面,你改变只有癌细胞能够存在的整个结构的法则,如果环境允许,这是和癌细胞自己存在的交互环境,如果你改变环境,我们就不存在了。


You are here to serve ,not to be served, because when you serve, the more you give and even, the more you receive and that, you change the[译者未听清55:45.9-55:49.3]the strength, you can give more to reach[译者未听清55:50.7-55:54.1]ebolathey create, then the reasonal illness in space[译者未听清55:57.9-56:01.3]no one in the space dies of illness except man because you have chosen the specific the strength of gravitational magnetive field which attach itself to the emotion in space eveyone dies accident or the sition to teromany to give[译者未听清56:29.1-56:32.5]to the others, that they don't want to have xxx.[译者未听清56:31.5-56:34.9]we don't die in the space because we don't xxx with cancer, we teramany or i f because what we do we convert[译者未听清56:41.1-56:44.5]the whole of our gravitational into magnetiical which means you only give for the others to exist, that the termination life[译者未听清56:50.7-56:54.1]. You decide to stay one million years or ten thousand years xxx when you feel you reach the point of maturity that you can give the totality you decide to xxx screen ball xxx[译者未听清57:09.9-57:13.3]said. Then you find out through it you create new life, I made man to the image of myself. and then you understand one of the 99 creative[译者未听清57:29.1-57:32.5]to be generous to be forgiven and to be the giver because by giving from the totality leads to creation of new structure, now life. but then through it you create the same structure because once you give out today xxx.[译者未听清57:50.7-57:54.1]this is what we said the more you give the more you will receive.


Then you decide the point of the physicality, maybe for the first time, my understand some of that got through the operation of the plasma. You are afraid of dying on this planet where in space we give to have no existence that we live to creation of enough more and here because you are afraid of dying, you die of head because[译者未听清58:31.5-58:34.9]you want to hand on to all of it and unfortunately all this not good enough. This is what we say unconditional love, it means to release that when you release the interaction of the fields of different streghths of giving is to creation of another life, another plasma, another existence and fird the purpose of xxx[译者未听清59:17.1-59:20.5]the birth xxx maybe  .[译者未听清59:05.1-59:08.5]for the first time[译者未听清59:19.5-59:22.9]understanding. when you here are made-man and xxx of myself, it means I giving the totality for creation of more to be able to[译者未听清59:31.5-59:34.9].


Any question? You never die. never dying in the space of any diseases, diseases is paid for man which is connected to be the acid and[译者未听清59:48.3-59:51.7]he is greed to take more. Any questions?


A man: I have a question, Mr. Keshe.


Keshe:Goes quickly.


A man:Bread!


Keshe: Oh, hi Bread, you still alive!


A man: Yeahnot so


Keshe: We hear you!


A man: Kill me yet.I work to do.


Keshe:I try to say you are a long enough boy.



xxx nerse[译者未听清60:24.3-60:27.7]

XXMy question is what happen xxx xxx of my have child what can I right happens[译者未听清60:31.5-60:34.9]



Keshe: Pardon?


XX: When parents have a xxx mother brought the child.


Keshe: Doesn't matter the[译者未听清60:38.7-60:42.1]love of the creation is there. doesn't matter if you are born on earth, on the Mars, wherever.


XX: Yeah. but I xxx from the[译者未听清60:48.3-60:51.7]mother the emotion trans the childxxx[译者未听清60:50.7-60:54.1]with the


Keshe: So that is you condition, what is the difference between the roals, roals is a meaning and motorbike[译者未听清60:57.9-61:01.3]so take from A to B. the physicality of the body carry ing the soul[译者未听清61:02.7-61:06.1][译者未听清61:05.1-61:08.5]


A man: what the emotional xxx form a[译者未听清61:07.5-61:10.9]the DNA are maybe transf[译者未听清61:09.9-61:13.3]

一个人:情感 形成了什么,DNA可能被转换???

Keshe: So that is all you are[译者未听清61:12.3-61:15.7]yet was roice between two siland what the differencesosily what[译者未听清61:17.1-61:20.5]


A man:[译者未听清61:19.5-61:22.9]


Keshe: This is xxx disclose[译者未听清61:21.9-61:25.3]the final way of xxx[译者未听清61:26.7-61:30.1]the differet[译者未听清61:29.1-61:32.5]I remember I was 30 years old and only one school, the xxx w[译者未听清61:38.7-61:42.1]the foring what of the xxx, so we have attended it.[译者未听清61:41.1-61:44.5]the xxx way to go to school.and this school I didn't know at that time to ask xxx after school.[译者未听清61:48.3-61:51.7]how to xxx perfound to children ,how xxx my classmates.[译者未听清61:53.1-61:56.5]the opens because there was and often age few kilometers and this was only school, but they never told no one in their office.


[译者未听清62:07.5-62:10.9]they chasemeryand loved play. they were there never new.[译者未听清62:12.3-62:15.7]all the[译者未听清62:14.7-62:18.1]and headmasters knew that most of the children around of all country[译者未听清62:21.9-62:25.3]they love the same, they play the same. are most of, are meory some, my child with them also beautiful[译者未听清62:29.1-62:32.5]to one, one for new year.[译者未听清62:33.9-62:37.3]celebration which is 21st[译者未听清62:38.7-62:42.1]march.and the party was helped in the oftenage.[译者未听清62:41.1-62:44.5]and then I stood was the point xxx.[译者未听清62:43.5-62:46.9]of picture of xxx my family.


[译者未听清62:45.9-62:49.3]I was one of the top students, so the students, top students even pride us little boys 6 years old get praised[译者未听清62:55.5-62:58.9]when I looked that picture[译者未听清62:55.5-62:58.9]years later, most of the people standing next to me are offers but never[译者未听清63:02.7-63:06.1]change anything, the way we care, the way we played, so it's you who decide which environment you are or you want to be, otherwise the god is plying to the[译者未听清63:21.9-63:25.3]tatal beauty of the man, is the man who decides what he wants to do with it. some of these students for years[译者未听清63:33.9-63:37.3]xxx touch with even when I finished the school, because when I realized one of the most closest friends of mine was offered to me, it was meaningless how could you have not xxx father.[译者未听清63:48.3-63:51.7]we got to understand the condition comes from us and nobody else. It's us who create the conditions and when we can control the conditions to be unconditional your find out the reasonal condition ex  xxx class.[译者未听清64:24.3-64:27.7]and this is your problem. Any questions?

I wish I[译者未听清64:50.7-64:54.1]can read that Chinese, what does that same Chinese, Pardon. Is thisstillfrom Chinese bookshop. no xxx flash is there.[译者未听清65:07.5-65:10.9]


Rick: Now it shouldn't be


Keshe:[译者未听清65:07.5-65:10.9]Ok, just from Chinese bookshop, change the live stream. the single like to now what it says.[译者未听清65:12.3-65:15.7]it is a beautiful language, Any questions were shall we call the day.[译者未听清65:29.1-65:32.5]I think there is another soul set green down.[译者未听清65:38.7-65:42.1]one of your biggest problems in trying to between diarent is one[译者未听清65:48.3-65:51.7]question.and that is your biggest question. and lose day one of the man

s biggest xxx dilamse.[译者未听清66:00.3-66:03.7]and that is very simple. big can put in what, do I love enough[译者未听清66:14.7-66:18.1]to   created because when you love, it means you give one conditionally but given unconditionally you will receive so much that you don't want to be only thing to take but you give with it becomes the condition of you to give the totality, if you understand this. you have completely maturity of the life[译者未听清66:50.7-66:54.1]and if you don't understand it, you can carry on be worried about the food of tomorrow. and panckik of the next day. or xxx xxx.

凯史:好的,这来自中文教学,改为现场直播。…[the single like to now what it says.]它是一种美丽的语言,我们今天将回答任何问题。我想还有一个灵魂[set green down]。你们在试验的最大的一个问题是???一个问题就是最大的问题,且失去一个人的时间。那是非常简单的,大的能够放进去。我有足够的爱来创造,因为当你有爱,这就意味着你给一个人有条件的爱,如果你给予无条件的爱,你将收到这么多以至于你不想做一件索取的事情,但是你给予爱就变成了你给予全部的条件,如果你理解这个,你有完全成熟的生命,如果你不理解这个,你就会担心明天的食物和panckik,或者xxx。

[译者未听清66:57.9-67:01.3]this was Caroline goes on it. that makes explain it so time love means to give unconditionally. and by giving unconditionally as I explained, if you understood it means in a phyical term, or xxx in another way, because you are used to xxx understand[译者未听清67:24.3-67:27.7]not to confuse those is this. xxxgo back on the same think.at[译者未听清67:38.7-67:42.1]if it as you give unconditionally you open yourself to give so much that in so many ways there is nothing but to take because you are giving and you find out you are givennink[译者未听清68:07.5-68:10.9]you comes your taking that is to give and that is how you add life in xxx[译者未听清68:19.5-68:22.9]xxx so much because you take so xxx and only lose one condition to give, and that is exactly what xxx means. that is what it is to give little xxx[译者未听清68:31.5-68:34.9]

这是Caroline在继续进行的。做出这样的解释,爱意味着无条件的给予,通过我说的无条件的给予,如果你理解它为一个物理术语,或者另一种方式的xxx,因为你已经习惯于xxx理解而不是对那些迷惑。回到同样的想法,如果当你无条件给予时,你打开了你自己来给予这么多以至于以这么多种方式只有索取,因 为你正在给予,你找到你正在被给予,你发现你索取就是给予,那是你怎样提升生命的方式,因为你索取这么多只有失去给予的条件,那确实是所说的。那是给予一点…。

A man: This is Derny.


Keshe: Yes, Derny,


Derny: Hello, Mr. Kehse.


Keshe: Where are you form, Derny?


Derny: I am from US. I live in inerho.[译者未听清68:50.7-68:54.1]


Keshe: Yes.


Derny: After you give everything besides including the soul.


Keshe: That's the only thing you give because that soul is the emotion and physicality. what the meaning go on the street, and give your house, your curtains and the car.[译者未听清69:17.1-69:20.5]when you give from your soul because the soul is foundation of the creation of the emotion and feel of its physicality[译者未听清69:24.3-69:27.7]so you have no fear. because the other soul are comadate you even if you try to suicide to your soul you find other souls not prepared to receive we will stop from it. because needs behave they don't want to take[译者未听清69:41.4-69:45.4]we can make the availe way but find not taking,[译者未听清69:44.4-69:48.4]found give, that is why the universe the peace xxx place,[译者未听清69:50.4-69:54.4]everyone you takes as much as xxx the way can last[译者未听清69:53.4-69:57.4]long time,[译者未听清70:02.4-70:06.4]go back and what we just taught have now in our Chinese section, how the soul works and how the emotionless created from the physicality and that's why maybe what just Brad said[译者未听清70:14.4-70:18.4]and I wonder are you bright one of those that you ask such question.




第三部分翻译  为中(馄饨)

A man:[译者未听清70:29.4-70:33.4]As watching a Tv show last night question by the way .

一个人: 根据从昨晚看一个电视秀询问的。

Keshe: Ah, you are on the Tv and parb in the head too many things parb in you head. your head and parb in the big commtion from me sometimes.[译者未听清70:44.4-70:48.4]Are you going on the teacher xxx way you will come a teacher.

Keshe:啊,你在看电视时你会在头脑里面有很多事物和 parb(译者注:problem)。从我这里有时你的头和 parb(译者注:problem)在大的commtion(译者注:commotion混乱)中。是否你继续进行老师 xxx方法 你将会来做老师。

A man: You have to xxx once.

Keshe: One day we learn, you have to entities and egg and[译者未听清71:08.4-71:12.4]aburn lead to creation of a new life.[译者未听清71:11.4-71:15.4]is condition is preset, if you have faster parents, if you have another woom,[译者未听清71:23.4-71:27.4]which raise you up. the ethsis was there, when you stop. or it is[译者未听清71:32.4-71:36.4]the change of the evironment which wxxx it will enteract and create the new environment where existence.[译者未听清71:44.4-71:48.4]now your lucky part is in that only have two now in your part of three which means you are a receive more than you share, a lot of people that wished they were fast people who would be faster somebody else, maybe in how fair after three months they change xxx to another one to have more of others. but then you see more[译者未听清72:11.4-72:15.4]. the childhood is mum they said story[译者未听清72:20.4-72:24.4]Can I noz[译者未听清72:23.4-72:27.4]laughing, and she says to the mum just before christmas why don't you and then the worse. I say why[译者未听清72:35.4-72:39.4]why should they the worse, he says most of my friends their parents of the world get two christmas presents. I get only one![译者未听清72:44.4-72:48.4]so why don't you want to be more the worse parents more faster they get more and more and more.[译者未听清73:02.4-73:06.4]in a way is greed of child and nother hand it shows the state of man.[译者未听清73:14.4-73:18.4]when it more even if you being suffering of the prestion to the parent.[译者未听清73:17.4-73:21.4]center mas[译者未听清73:20.4-73:24.4]Any other question?

一个人:你必须 xxx 一次。

Keshe:有一天,我们学习,你必须(用)实体和蛋和aburn (译者注:burn燃烧 ) 领引创造新生活。是被预先设定的情况,如果你有较快速的父母,如果你有另外 woom,把你提高起来。ethsis,你在那里,当你停止。或它是evironment(译者注:environment环境 ) 的变化 wxxx 它将会 enteract 创造产生新环境在那里存在。现在你幸运的部份是在那你有二三个的部份是你受到的,是比你分享的更多部份,许多人是愿望是比别人更快速的,许多人中的更快速的人,也许在三个月他们将 xxx 在变化的比其他人的更多。但是当时你见到更多。孩童时期是他们的妈妈说故事,我能大笑吗,仅仅在圣诞节之前她对妈妈说为什么不(译者加:这样)你然后有更坏的事。我说为什么你应该是更坏的事,他说我的朋友的大部分他们从父母拿两个圣诞礼物。我只有拿到一个!如此你为什么不想要比较坏的父母更多的,要比较快速的他们变得越来越多、较多。在一定程度上是孩子的贪欲而不是他的手显示了人的状态。当它多了即使你作为父母的的痛苦了。集中任何其他的疑问?

that's my purpose, to that day I have to teach.[译者未听清73:50.4-73:54.4]and then some of you get in light to reach the level of mathis of God.[译者未听清73:59.4-74:03.4]then you will teach, because you got to realize something which is very different and a lot of you have not realized those who teach around Keshe Foundation as teachers not xxx opened because you[译者未听清74:20.4-74:24.4]sharing the knowledge they enlight the way they profit of the past side of down.[译者未听清74:26.4-74:30.4]our conditionally up seeing your teaching, you have already reached the level of the profits of the past sharing of the knowledge and so. so you have already been elavated and Caroline said if your fear was not teach or afraid of teaching means your soul is very xxx to the level of what you call profits. the structure is not to create as I said a new religion and doctor he said to create as we said. One nation, one planet, one race. and to be that, it means to have people were condition give from their souls were the race to they come one.[译者未听清75:23.4-75:27.4]and that's the xxx xxx problem gone.[译者未听清75:26.4-75:30.4]so we don't teach, we don't bring one profit which means sharing of the knowledge of conditionally those who are children and have already been given the xxx of[译者未听清75:44.4-75:48.4]past. Any other question?

那是我的目的,对那日子,我必须教。然后你其中的一些进入光达成上帝的 mathis 的水平。然后你教学,因为你了解到非常不同的的事,你许多还没有了解Keshe 基金会的周围教学的老师还没被打开的老师因为你分享知识给他们他们正在得益的那边。我们的有条件地见到你的教学,你已经达到有分享知识带来好处的程度等等。因此你已经是 elavated 了,而且凯若琳说假如你恐惧而不教或者害怕教意谓你的灵魂是非常的xxx对你得益的水平。这个体系不是去创造的象我说的一个新宗教和医生而是是象我们说的。一个国家、一个行星,一个种族。而且是那,它意谓有人们从灵魂是有条件的给予的从而成为一个种族。那 xxx xxx 问题已经离去。因此我们不教,我们不带来一个好处意味着有条件地分享给孩子,而且过去已经被给 xxx 了的人们。任何其他的疑问?

Now why?it means to existence more. it means you haven't understood yet. You don't die, you miss the point ,you miss the bus, get off , and get back on again.[译者未听清76:23.4-76:27.4]Alex presented to you very miss box some of[译者未听清76:26.4-76:30.4]you understood.


Rick:[译者未听清76:32.4-76:36.4]xxx get back questions on last stream you just repeated it for the live stream. Dying to give others life in universe that does mean to be out of the exitence. was the question.


Keshe: Yes, and I said more, it means you not stand the teaching[译者未听清76:47.4-76:51.4]but I just said if this is the structure of your totality including your soul and your emotion and your physciality,[译者未听清77:11.4-77:15.4]but I explained the more you give the more you will receive. and in the structure of the universe what does it mean, come to the point, when you give so much[译者未听清77:32.4-77:36.4]that you receive nothing but receive you can not only exist because you need balance so you release us to totality to become to give us.[译者未听清77:50.4-77:54.4]and so what happens you receive appear as one[译者未听清77:56.4-78:00.4]but manifest as many and met God, and then met man, met ourselvs is theright team. are made-man to create  children to love me, you like and explain my love because you[译者未听清78:14.4-78:18.4]xxxx  now you see what you call units.[译者未听清78:17.4-78:21.4]now you see what it means, it's more of you, children without sex to the xxx level of God. and what I said to somebody, they could not understand, maybe[译者未听清78:38.4-78:42.4]they xxx , physicality is problem of the man xxx.[译者未听清78:41.4-78:45.4]the problem of the man, this is our children of solar of the universe, not physicality, if they exsit high[译者未听清78:50.4-78:54.4]in one point to manifest of themselvs back to the environment, that's several.[译者未听清78:59.4-79:03.4]that's their choice. because at that point they decide to give. and then you understand maybe how creation and existence experiment can[译者未听清79:17.4-79:21.4]even they looks accidently, would you like to be xxx kind of those?this is what you have to understand,[译者未听清79:40.3-79:43.8]and this is where man traveled on this planet in the village of the earth.[译者未听清79:42.8-79:46.3]there. but the process carry is not in the rest of the universe as s t an s


[译者未听清79:52.8-79:56.3][译者未听清79:55.3-79:58.8][译者未听清79:57.8-80:01.3][译者未听清80:00.3-80:03.8]that xxx is there, they don't need this system.

[译者未听清80:10.3-80:13.8][译者未听清80:12.8-80:16.3]understand something very very interesting.

[译者未听清80:20.3-80:23.8]you can change the structure of the existence from even to taking only and that is xxx , and that is what you find you being in prison in your own structure.


and this is part of the problem, which is habbituted to the matter state and point of material is condition and not in the universal.

Keshe:是的,我说更多,它意谓你不接受教学,但是如果这是包括你的灵魂和你的情绪和你的 物理的身体 的你的总体的结构,我刚刚解释,你给的更多你将会接受的更多。在宇宙的结构中它意指什么,到了这个点上,当你给出很多, 以致于你什么也没有接受到,但是接受的不仅是你的存在,因为你需要平衡所以你释放给我们一个总体的给我们。如此发生的你接受当做一而不是显示出很多,象遇见上帝,象遇见一个男人,象遇见我们自已是适当的队列。是制造者去创造孩子来爱我,你喜欢并且解释我的爱因为你xxxx 现在你明白你所称的单元。现在你理解它的意谓,它是你的更多,上帝的 xxx 程度的无性别的孩子。我说的对某些人是无法理解,也许他们 xxx ,物质性是男人 xxx 的问题。对这个男人的问题,这是我们的孩子是宇宙的太阳的,而不是物质性,如果他们 存在于高的一点中,它们自己显示在环境的背景中,那是一些。那是他们的选择。因为那个点上他们决定给予。然后你也许了解如何创造和如何在环境中存在, 甚至他们看起来是偶然事件,你会喜欢那些是 xxx 类型吗?这是你必须了解的,这是人在地球的村庄的这一个行星上旅行了的地方。在那里。但是过程进行是没有宇宙的其它部分中当做 s t s

xxx 在那里,他们不需要这一个系统。


你能改变存在的结构,甚至从只有拿并且那是 xxx ,并且那是你发现你自己在监狱结构的东西。


[译者未听清81:00.3-81:03.8]Only when they do understand the beauty of God. if you understand the condition is to give, you find out this done.[译者未听清81:07.8-81:11.3]this the discussion I had past few days, the night teaching today in a very[译者未听清81:15.3-81:18.8]soft way. Now you understand the study can give more, and more you be give can come to the point that you


06:56.4-07:00.5]to the number of the people to attend the ambassdom meeting in Rome. Number of 16 analoycated will increase the number by 50 in the past few days. that we are allow people from different nations to attend to be part of this time of the change and be sent e-mails and announcement on the Keshe Foundation forum. we only accept as I mentioned, number of nationalities of be calf the presentation of the whole human race.[译者未听清07:27.4-07:31.5]we already have enough uranions, we have enough[译者未听清07:30.5-07:34.6]Americans, we have enough Chinese, we can do if you more suround you want to attend we have enough of the people from Germany, Austria, Frach, xxx romania, so if you are different we can clear you and you can give the core the past you can not walking to be able to be in the functions, you have to have even the xxx man even the member of the Keshe Foundation who are present all carry the same kind of past, if you not there you are allowed. It doesn't matter who you are. Re xxx called we leave the xxx who little sive the core[译者未听清08:23.2-08:27.3]the message and I set the clock in Rome their place of the function will be released and the secreties of extreme you type bacause the presidents of done buses.[译者未听清08:32.5-08:36.6]I think what you call it xxx xxx xxxx .[译者未听清08:38.7-08:42.8]we have on xxx Italian xxx .[译者未听清08:41.8-08:45.9]police worse. the protection of ambassdors.[译者未听清08:44.9-08:49.0]and say xxx arrange by the hotel themselves.[译者未听清08:48.0-08:52.1]was cure to xxx  that was we xxx[译者未听清08:51.1-08:55.2]they hold and they were president sent xxx xxx[译者未听清08:54.2-08:58.3]they know the precedure, xxxx I explained.[译者未听清08:57.3-09:01.4]so  unless you receive they called it and wetation and you have[译者未听清09:03.5-09:07.6]to carry your paper we due to printed.[译者未听清09:06.6-09:10.7]then you pass the xxx exactly the same of your name you put on. and one thing no Beguim national will be allowed. that's the protection of lives of rest of the people not plus.[译者未听清09:22.1-09:26.2]so if you are from anywhere lie to be present send your request and if you are responded to and you carry the core and match everything is exactly as you put,[译者未听清09:40.7-09:44.8]and world out in your past what, xxx you will not xxx.[译者未听清09:46.9-09:51.0]so now you can be part of the function in this presentation, you will hear a new course of Keshe Foundation, you will hear a new understanding of the system we will show different thing in respect to the system that you will understand, we don't only provide power unit but there is a change of course in the total structure of the power energy were human race. Thank you very much, your time. we hope to see you on Thursday. Thank you,

对在罗马参加大使会议人们的数字。将会在过去几天内从16增加到50 。我们是允许不同国家的在 Keshe 基金会论坛上被发送电子邮件和告知人们来参加会议。我们只接受我提到的,整个人类种族的各国的,是说明过的。我们已经有充足的 uranions,我们有足够的美国人,我们有足够的华人,我们能做如果你较多的 suround 你想要叁加,我们有足够的人们从德国,奥地利, Frach, xxx romania,所以如果你是不同人我们能清除你,你能给出过去的核心,你不能走进在这功用中,你甚至是 xxx人甚至成为 Keshe 基金会的成员完全地拥有这相同的过去,如果你不在那里被允许。它不关系你是谁。关于 xxx 打电话给我们留下 xxx的小 sive 核心的信息和我在罗马设定了时和所起的作用,它将会释放极端的秘密 因为总统已完成了公共路线。我想你认为它叫做 xxx xxx xxxx 。我们有在 xxx 意大利 xxx 上,警察有更麻烦的事,大使的保护工作 和发言 xxx 让酒店自己安排。对 xxx的治疗那是我们 xxx,他们支撑,而且他们是被总统派遣 xxx xxx 的,他们知道 如何安排, xxxx 我已经解释。因此除非你接受他们称呼它,和 wetation 和你携带我们给你刷印的报告。你的名字完全地检证通过。没有 Beguim 国民将会被允许。那是人们生命的保护。不管你来自于任何地方来出席都要发出你的要求,假如你被回应到,你携带你的核心或任一件完全地同样地事物,和另外在你的过去的东西, xxx 你将不 xxx。这样,你才能是这会议功能的一部份,你将会听到Keshe 基金会的新进程,你将会听到系统的新理解,我们将会尊寻系统的展示出不同的事物让你了解,我们不只提供能量单元,但是能源的整体结构会当然的有一个变化是人类。非常谢谢你,你的时间。我们希望在星期四见你。谢谢你 !