Lizhi FM on Mac

I subscribed loads of podcasts on iTunes, as we know that iTunes is not only a music player on Mac or PC, it is also a platform that you can buy music, books, get some podcasts etc. on it.

However, about two months ago, my iTunes on my Mac go really slow, it's like freezing when I turn it up, I can't figure out the reason. Since then, I use iTunes less and less.

I would prefer listening podcasts on a computer is because, the volume on a phone is really not loud enough, and I usually charge my phone on a dock, so when I am charging the phone's speaker has no voice.

I get Instacast, this famous 3-rd party podcast client as my stock podcast player, it's pretty functional and works great. Although it's such a good app and has a Mac version, the price for Mac version is bit high, and so are the Downcast and Pocket Casts.

As supplementary, the podcasts on iTunes is abundant, the genre is ample. For some Chinese programs, such as some recorded in local accents, there's no seat for them on iTunes.

Fortunately LiZhi FM is a pretty good app on iPhone. So what am going to do is listening this iPhone app on a computer.

AirServer is an AirPlay software which supports Mac and PC, you will be able to have a 7-day free trial, if you click this link.

To use it is extremely easy. Once you installed it, you opened it up and type in the activation code, then you can see there is small icon on the right hand side of your top bar. It's black.

Then you could check a bit see if your iPhone and Mac is in the same network. You can summon your Control Centre, the "AirPlay" will appear right under the volume scroll.

You type into the "AirPlay", choose the AirPlay device that you would like to use, and open the "mirroring", then boom, you can have the in-time screening on you Mac, and your Mac is now officially become a projector, or monitor, whatever you say, of your iPhone. Same processing for iPad, the projection is bigger obviously though.

You can record videos of your iPhone or iPad, guess this would be a perfect way for you to make high-score game videos.

To see more about this article, you can go to the Chinese Version, and some pictures there for you to make it clearer.