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Today is Thursday.

I am going to read another book in my list, The Polar Express.

The author tells us a story about one of his Christmas Eve when he was a kid. He slept on the bed and waited for the ringing bells of Santa's sleigh. There came a train but not a sleigh. A guard stood at the open door of one of the cars. The author walked out to the guard who was shouting,"All aboard." The guard asked the author if the author was going with him to the North Pole.The author caught the guard's outstretched hand and got aboard. The train was full of children, dressing their pajamas and nightgowns. The train headed to the north. Eventually they got to the North Pole where there was a huge factory. All the gifts for the children were produced there. And The children found hundreds of elves working in the factory. When the children saw the Santa, they were told that Santa would give the first gift of this Chrismas to one of them. The author was chosen by Santa. Santa asked him what he wanted. The author just want a ring bell of Santa's sleigh.Every children got their gifts. The Poler Express drove them back home. But when the author arrived, he suddenly found that there was a hole in his pocket and he couldn't touch his bell. He was upset and came into the house. He sat under the Chrismas tree, where there was a box. When he opened the box, there was the ringing bell in it. The author could hear the most beautiful sound from the bell.

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