YC h2start a start up| lecture 3


Lecture 3 - Before the Startup (Paul Graham)

startups are very counterintuitive

  1. startups are wired, don't follow your instincs
  2. You don't need expertise in startups to succeed- just know your user is enough
  3. Gaming the system does not work in startups.-your only boss is user, they're sharks.
  4. startups are consuming
  5. You can't tell if you can succeed.
  6. Never make a startup ideas to startup.
    • learn a lot about things that matter
      • become good in something
    • work on problems that interest you
    • with people that you respect
    • leading edge of technologies , domain in some area( Larry Pages, eg.)

I'm self-indulgent too

How to get ideas: live in future###

Ultimate advise:Just Learn.####

What we can learn in college: maybe I should learn physics, all about curiosity###

Ohh, Physics! My love!