A Quiet Place (张牧琪)

How to find a trace of cool when we step into the summer?

You can try to do something like .......


    Recently, some popular horror movies have came into our view, which show many innovation to attract the audiences. 

    The Korean movie KunChiYan has covered the screen. After the roommates strongly recommend it to me, I finally watched it. So, following the tips: do not watch it after the lights out. It talks about several young guys exploring a mental hospital with live streaming. Although it has a long and boring foreshadowing, the ending part makes many people peep it through the fingers.

      No matter if the advertisements give the exaggerated elements in comments or sideswipe about the politics, it is special because the phenomenon that it wants to provide by live streaming is immersive and make audience feel real. The scene is very impressive when the young become crazy and be killed in the end. And the director calls it the experience horror.


    If you are not satisfied with that, the following one is A Quiet Place. It is a 2018 American horror film directed by John Krasinski. The highlight of this movie is “quiet”. In the movie, even a little sound can make people in danger, so the people avoid making any noise and use the sign language to communicate. So, during the 90 minutes in the cinema, everyone hold the breath which easily enlarge the fear in the mind.

    The story happens in the future and a family must live life in silence while hiding from creatures which hunt exclusively by sound.


    In the beginning, a desolate town appeared .And then the following nervous plot unfolds.


      As the father yells out to attract the monster to save the children, the despair sound stands for the hope. Although it is a horror movie, it can also touch the soft part in your mind. Also the courage can be seen from the mother. As she prepares to give a birth to a baby, what will she do to keep silence without other's help. When she said "Who are we if we couldn't protect them", we can feel that the maternal instinct is always shining in every story. The deep love from the parents makes this movie impressive.

    In addition to considering the film a metaphor for parenthood, the director says "I think in our political situation, that's what's going on now: You can close your eyes and stick your head in the sand, or you can try to participate in whatever's going on." ( from Wikipedia). In the end, the female roles become the final hope to fight.  But the sudden ending is  finished in a hurry which couldn't campare with the beginning.

                                              written by 张牧琪