SixSecretsAboutKeepingBeautiful (石雨星)

No.1 Don't put skin -care products in the bathroom because moist and warm air will make the effect of many of them worse. The best place to put them is refrigerator.

No.2 You should change towels once a week at least and clean the phone screen everyday.

No.3 Never go to bed with makeup. Cosmetics can clog pores and cause inflammation(堵塞毛孔从而诱发炎症),The skin needs to relax and have a rest like any other organ.

No.4 Dermatologists Eve Chanban(皮肤科医生) suggests to put ice on your face a few seconds every day, which stimulates the flow of blood and improve your skin.

No.5 Most of the acne products(防痘产品) will make the skin dry, and increase inflammation(炎症) and even  the production of sebum(皮脂).

No.6 If you want healthy-looking skin, you should wear sunscreen for a long time. Once you long-term sunscreen be interrupted, everything you have done for your skin will be in vain. The sunscreen above SPF45 has the best effect.