It's Friday.

Laura did not feel very well. One day she felt cold even in the hot sunshine, and she couldn’t get warm by the fire. Ma asked why she and Mary did not go out to play, and Laura said she didn’t feel like playing. She was tired and she ached. Ma stopped her work and asked where she ached. Laura didn’t exactly know. She just said that she just ached and her legs ached. Mary said that she ached too. Ma looked at them and said they looked healthy enough. But she said something must be wrong or they wouldn’t be so quiet. She pulled up Laura’s skirt and petticoats to see where her legs ached, and suddenly Laura shivered all over. She shivered so that her teeth rattled in her mouth. Ma put her hand against Laura’s cheek. She said that she couldn’t be cold and her face was hot as fire. Laura felt like crying, but of course she didn’t. Only little babies cried. She said that she was hot now and her back ached. Ma called Pa and he came in. She asked him to look at the girls and told him that she didn’t believe they were sick. Pa said that he didn’t fell any too well himself. He said that he first was hot and then he was cold and he ached all over. He asked the girls if that was the way they felt and if their bones ached. Mary and Laura said that was the way they felt. Then Ma and Pa looked a long time at each other and Ma said that the place for the girls was bed.