TKR. Chapter 24



Words & Phrases

NO. 1 perk up

原文:Soharb perked up at the sight of the mosque , leaned out of the window and looked at it until Faried turned a corner.

① to become more cheerful , active , and interested in what is happening around you, or to make someone feel this way

perk somebody up

eg. She seemed kind of tired, but she perked up when Helen came over.

② to become more active, more interesting, more attractive etc, or to make something do this

perk something up

eg. A little chili will perk up the sauce.

NO. 2 grimaced

原文: I sat on my bed and grimaced with pain, wiped the cool sweat off my brow .

to twist your face in an ugly way because you do not like something, because you are feeling pain, or because you are trying to be funny

Phrase: grimaced at

eg. She grimaced at her reflection in the mirror.

NO. 3 panoramic (adj.)

原文: it gives a panoramic view of Islamabad……

① an impressive view of a wide area of land

Phrase: panorama of

eg. The tower offers a panorama of the city.

② a description or series of pictures that shows all the features of a subject, historical period etc

Phrase: panorama of

eg. a panorama of life in England 400 years ago.

That there are bad people in this world, and sometimes bad people stay bad. Sometimes you have to stand up to them. What you did to that man is what I should have done to him all those years ago. You gave him what he deserved, and he deserved even more.

Faried finally took Amir and Soharb to Islamabad and found a hotel for them. On their way to Islamabad, they passed the  famous Mosque which is the biggest mosque in the world and catch Soharb's light on it. After they arrived there, Amir give him two thousand dollars in order to express his gratitude. Even if Amir could walk, he still need some pills to relieve the pain. To his surprise, when he woke up, Soharb was not in bed. He struggled out of bed, checked the bathroom, looked in the narrow hallway outside the room but didn't find him. It almost drove him crazy without finding Soharb. He beg the host to drive him to the Shah Faisal Mosque. Thank god, he found Soharb in there.

Sadly, the process of adoption didn't went on wheels. The INS refused Amir's request because he cannot provided the certificate of that Soharb was a orphan. He then asked a lawyer for help. But the way that the lawyer provided is terrible.After Amir told Soharb that he will sent him to an orphanage again, he felt hopeless and tried suicide.