AI ruins human

AI ruins human

Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you so much to join this meeting to listen to my Ice Breaker speech. My topic is AI ruins human.

Currently, everybody knows a little or more about the AI now. The most famous event is about Google AlphaGo. In 2016, AlphaGo won the Korea player Lee ShiDt with 4:1. Then, next year, it won Hejie with 3:0. To make things depressed, AlphaGo also won the Japanese, Korea, and Chinese on Website with 60:0. And to make things worse, the subsequent version AlphaGo Zero also won the elder version after learning. It's this news about Weiqi and AlphaGo. The AI is brought into the view of the public. You know, human tends to forget and ignore. One thing to emphasis is that the human should know they have been or are losing the control on Weiqi, this very traditional, advanced and brain-costing game.

In past time, even at beginning years of human civilization, human race benefits from the new technology. It brings more improvements of the living condition. Just like the leverage of bronze and iron. The human race get big increment on the population from bronze age to the iron age, then to the industrial age. So, AI is a new technology just like the using of bronze, iron, steam engine, electric motor. It just brings more convenient and better world to the human.

But, those guys might ignore a fact. That's the wars also come. When the human enters the bronze age. Thousands of Greek man are slaughtered in field and beach under the wall of Troy city, or on sale as slaves. And the cities on Greek bi-land are finally ruined.

When we enter the iron age, millions of people died under iron heels of cavalry from Mongolian empire in Asia and Europe. And the war lasts for centuries. The men and old people are butchered. The young women and gold are taken away from their homeland. And cities and homes are burned into wastelands. In fact, less than half of the iron age, we are in peace.

When we enter the electric and atomic age, in last century, the human have two World Wars. They killed each other by metal machines and chemical materials. And hundreds of millions of people died and wounded permanently. After the atomic bomb, Truman said, "It is a harnessing of the basic power of the universe.". But, the atomic bomb producer, Dr. Oppenheimer remarked that "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds". So, you know the nuclear radiation is still there to bring cancer and unknown diseases.

So, you can see that we are such kind of idiots. We always use the technology to change our life conditions, and the more, at the same times, we use it to kill the others. This is from a very important character of human nature. That's the greed. We never satisfy in getting more from the earth and universe regardless of the hurting to the other or even ourselves in short term or long term.

Before his pass-away, Stephen Hawking giving warning on AI for many times, He ever said that "AI could be the worst event in the history of our civilization. It brings dangers, like powerful autonomous weapons, or new ways for the few to oppress the many. It could bring great disruption to our economy." and Elton Musk also warned that AI is fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization. So, He has invested in a project designed to make AI tech open-source. By which, he want to prevent it from being controlled by one company.

So, to my opinion, the AI is not only a war, it's a war field now. It's a war of human groups with different thoughts and then to the human and machines. If the human want to survive, the tolerance and love need to be added into the AI's original soul. But the war is still inevitable, because in the human history, tolerance is only approached after very horrifying war. When both sides are hurt, no one side can destroy the other side, the new believe of tolerance arrives. And new civilization is there. If one side failed finally they are destroyed. So, Good luck to human. All the talents, I hope you can join this war at this early time for win or human and civilization.

Stephen Hawking warning
Elton Musk warning