I’m the best English learning partner

Have you learnt English hard for a long time?

You try to remember English words and expressions every day.

You are eager to improve your English skills,but you don’t Know how.

You know the most important thing is to use the language.

The more you use it,the more you catch it.

But the problem is that you cannot find a person to talk with you in English,right?

And now,I want to tell you that I am the person.

I an the most suitable English learning partner for you.

Because I have learnt English bu myself for several years and I am fluent when I speak English.

If you talk with me in English per hour every day,you will get big improvements with your English skills.

So don’t be hesitant.

You just need to pay a little for it and then we can talk with each other in English.

If you want,tell me.

I’m waiting for you.