AIESEC:捷克 budejovice happiest days in my life

I had some expectations for this internship. But these guys made this trip way beyond all expectations i had.

I never thought that at the end of this, i would be here searching for a new and longer internship in czech republic. I never thought i would be here already saving money to go to a wedding in Indonesia. I will always carry all of them in my heart wherever i go <3

Every time when I read their message I can imagine they stand in front of me and say it directly.

I still remember every moment we spend together.

Before I start this journey, I feel confused and worried  because I don’t understand their joking or my English is not as good as them.

During this internship, I drop thousands of tears. The first time was from Tyn to krumlov, I wondered why I cannot stop crying, and ruvin told me that we had our buddies who accompanied us in class and also after school. The second time was say goodbye to my dear team members in budejovice.

I appreciate all of you, even if you said I am a well organized one in our group, I don’t know how to keep balance between  new friends and old friends.

I put all of you in my deep heart ❤️ Last Monday was birthday celebration and also saw friends from vodnany. Tuesday went to krumlov to see David. Even the bad weather, I enjoy that trip. I still pity I couldn’t say goodbye to Martin.

Wednesday was the happiest day in my life! Before I leave Czech Republic I could see you again. I laugh and cry when I remember that day.

Every week we can know new people and at the end of that week we must say goodbye to these lovely people. I know this is life—to meet, to choose, to leave.

I hate farewell and I don’t know how to describe this feeling. I came home but I feel strange and empty.

I believe we can see each again ( in fida’s wedding) and also I wanna search another project like this awesome one in Europe.

Your face, your voice……I miss U

I love this picture because of the smile on our faces! Keep smiling everyday and have a bright future❤️


我从来没有想过,在这最后,我可能会在这里寻找一个新的和更长的实习。我从没想过我今后会攒钱去印度尼西亚参加fida的婚礼。无论我走到哪里,我都会把他们全部放在心里. < 3




在这次实习期间,我哭了好几次。第一次是从Tyn到ck小镇,我也不知道为什么在50分钟的大巴车上我不能停止哭泣,ruvi n告诉我,我们有我们的“翻译”陪我们,无论课上还是课下。第二次是和我亲爱的团队小伙伴告别。









celia   (Chen shi)