Post doc的选择

今天和一个committee faculty见面, 聊到post doc的选择. 以下是她的一些意见:

Start now! Big labs usually have their funding known ahead. You also need time to interview; accumulate/learn things here to prepare yourself. 

Write down the 5 topics/area you would like to work in and find the best place. The Harvard one, you can keep it as the last choice. The name of Harvard is good, but she is an only assistant professor. The professor who you are gonna work with is very important because his letter will make a huge difference in your later career.

Summary: go to the best place as you can. 

BTW, 一年多没和她单独见面, 看她似乎压力很大, 说话非常快, 也不像以前那样经常笑. 本来45分钟的meeting, 20分钟就搞定了, 还是我已经问了很多问题. 看来assistant professor的压力真的大.. 


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