【TITLE】College is not an ivory tower

【TOPIC】At the university,wo should study hard to acquire more knowledge.

【Supporting topic 1】Nowadays,the social competition is becoming harder and harder.

【Supporting topic 2】As We all know,college is as society,we will face lots of challenges.

2.Unit Two P61

Why I like to learn English

【T】English is a foreign language, now has  become the international language, I like to  learn English because English is the need of development.

【S】Learning English can make the brain more  flexible, English can bring me a lot of fun, such as English songs, drama, etc

【S】Although we will worry for the English test  but soon will become the main  communication with people in Chinese and English language.

3. Unit Three P90

father and Careful mother

【T】No matter whose parents can only use one word for their children, it is love, but in a different way.

【S】My mother's love for me is extremely subtle

【S】My father's love for me is broad, and we are friends

4.Unit Five P166

two personality traits that I would like to have are brave and  persistence

【T】Brave and persistence can help me to become a better person

【S】Braveto let me break the routine, become unique

【S】Persistence can make anything you accumulate more and more


P196[TOPIC]:fwo behaviours in public that show disrespect to other

[Supporting details/Sub-topic 1]

  Give an example of the abuse of swearing in the public.

[Supporting details/Sub-topic 2]

For example, the disadvantages of throwing rubbish in public places