Incredibly simple fun, very easy to miss a masterpiece! If you only see the introduction will think that this is a common game and give up, that would be a pity! Three sprints, the head monster, the sword with a variety of random powerful weapons, do not be trampled on the head by the monster, challenging!

The iron head hero is a platform movement arcade game with Rogue-like elements!

Whenever a princess is in trouble, there will always be a hero who takes up a bomb, an axe, and a big sword.

Clicking gently, you can charge, dodge and attack.

Sword in hand, with a flying kick, explosives, knives and axes to blaze trail,

And these weapons can be continuously upgraded.

Build a tower to open a taboo magic.

Is your hero collection colored armor, both strong knight and Crusader and Red Dragon Armor; there is also a lovely unicorn, raccoon and chicken armor.

Explore the underground world and the rest of the world.

Find rare and epic treasure boxes and find unique armor.

The iron head hero is not only a simple click reaction game, but also a street machine and action game that can bring exciting experience in one hand.

Without networking, you can try to refresh the record at any time on the bus and on the subway.

Challenge each other with your Game Center friends and become the real hero of the princess!