That season, we dispersed

Love, has always been one of innumerable twists and turns things change.

"I, still silly under the cherry trees change,My heart in your body modification,Don't leave, my dearest.

In the city the clouds change,I have long time no see the blue sky and white clouds, long time no see the warm sun, as you warm smiling face, there is what kind of?Blue skies, or rainy? Is it right? Cherry blossoms have been flying all over the sky, every time that you always happy dance, you will never know that you have become the most beautiful flower flower sea. You always enjoy the release of your beauty, you are stubborn, but also brave, alone in the dark world, and perseverance to into the dark world, even covered all over with cuts and bruises, you have to live the life of your attitude.

Hong Kong spring is it right? We together with the time, Xiaoxiao Sasa you are gone, the campus that sound lightly departure, with the whistle of the sound faded away.

After the turn, who can say clear, expect to see someone who never comes: I eagerly, or your business hope?

After the season, we separated...

Dispersed not only once smile, not just our heart ripple cycle of happiness, not just me or misunderstanding, self-willed and noisy, and countless irreversible time...

Because go far to lose? Or because the separated go far? I get lost in all the vows, not found on your initial feeling.

Sometimes, I will be in the memory of the memory of a dialogue with you, though, hear you talking about a fairy tale, those words describe the emotions up and fall, those precious old dead space and rebirth, you have been persistent estrus graceful, others see only your happiness, and I have those who know the solidification of the text, how many unspeakable pain, and avoid many incapable of action.

Looked at from finger tip flow leave, silent calendar over night, want to get more and more cannot read the text, and more and more can't read the behavior, are thrown into the distant past, even if

their suffering, even if the bullying of mind, but what can I do?Standing on that without you in the spring, who don't expect to have your appearance, your breath, but need to fly across thousands of dangerous peak, abandon speculation, to forgive the reunion, to me, is the greatest happiness, or too cruel?

Always hated his kindness, always hated his inclusive, because the kindness and tolerance, misread how much should not belong to my sorrow.

But, when I decided to put down the kindness and tolerance, but suddenly there is a fault attack on the heart, that moment, I finally understand: not that I do not to act brave, but really a unforgettable feelings.

In the days of pain, forcing yourself to forget, with warm thoughts over the memory River, combing to cool style, coming all the way to the beauty of the two sides, not necessarily all the spring fields with luxuriant foliage, silence after the vanity of the summer season, also will be the inevitable outcome.

Even though I no longer believe in fate, even if I may dry tears, but once upon a time dependent on the shoulder, can give you support?

I experienced the text from the palm to the tip of the rapid slide, I experienced a pledge from yesterday to today's inexplicable metamorphosis, imprint is engraved on my heart. I had moved away, I experienced from prayer to despair pale....

Yes, all this is inevitable to experience, then, and state of mind and courage to go through a cycle?

Turn everything about you, one by one to distinguish the false words, suddenly, ask yourself: is it really need to use the life to interpret?

Perhaps, already did not need any validation, perhaps, the hard water only, those who had said to each other for ever, and despair, sad not exhibition standing under the cherry trees, I believe corner situation, has made me suffer unspeakably...

If there is an afterlife, we still do not meet? Each other not to meet each other, not in love, each other, not in the injured.... however, he

never put it down, not angry, not determined, more is not doing things, the more want to torture yourself, this is why?

When tangled thoughts, wisdom is very weak, so, like you, to find a familiar scene, touch the inner self.

In the sunlight I once again into the alley, eyeful is people are hurrying to and fro. Streams of people busily coming and going, the lamp can illuminate the road home heart light, still high firmly hung on in situ, but, in addition to willow branches inserted in the door, except for those who sell banner, very few people go to watch the corner of our plant rose flowers.

Looking back, I think its silly question: "what if we unfortunately lost, how to do?" , a firm voice said: "what a fool, still here waiting for each other... Even until the end of life, even if the wait until the end of the world, our choice cannot be changed".

The move, we love this life hand in hand with agreed: an earthly paradise, let the world the most pure feelings into the snow, a snow lotus.

Therefore, I made a long-term plan, therefore, I did the N plan, now, I am the only one left to realize all the oath, then, to fulfill the promise of desire: we never meet again in the sunny mood of the season, we are destined not to embrace in the long-anticipated arms... Even now, because of frustration, we are still their walk, but I decided not to change.

The sky suddenly began to rain, misty rain, the wet umbrella can only see the familiar footprints, but could not see the distant landscape.

Perhaps out of passion, is devoid of desire, but I prefer to believe, that the season is over, we just lost...

Time goes by, is firm, or dilute feelings? Although leave means that a new round of the encounter, but I really don't want to meet.

The ruins of the years. We only once,The flowers bloom, accompany you to the end is not me

Three years of students career, two years and zero five months together, but at this moment, the second, to draw a perfect full stop is not enough.

Once the Nestle, have love, have feeling, once was in love, in this moment, this second, into the train sound, a, drifting further and further away, become endless ellipsis

A drizzle, cleared the spring, disrupted thoughts

We had lost youth.