what's up?最近怎么样?怎么了?

what's the weather like?天气怎么样

May i take your order?我可以帮你点菜吗?

He talks as if he knew everything in the world.

It's not easy to figure out the answer to the problem.想出

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that we decided to go swimming.(so beautiful a day)

I have my hair cut short.have sth done

It's (not until you have lost your health )that you know its value.强调句(It is...that)只有到你失去健康的时候才知道他的价值

=you don't know the value of health until you have lost it.

We thought it pity that you were unable to attend our meeting.(it 代指that 后的宾语从句)

We shouldn't look down upon poor people.看不起

This book is nothing to do with the author's first novel.(nothing to do with 与...无关)

Australia is one of few countries where people drive on the left of the road.

Nancy works in the shop,so does Alen.主语不一致要倒装.

there is no need to do  没必要做...


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