5G & OTN

3GPP:The Mobile Broadband Standard.


5G Radio Access architecture
  • SA: Standalone, NSA: Non-Standalone
  • 5G NR: New Radio.
5G 一展拳脚的三大场景
  • eMBB:Enhanced Mobile Broadband 增强移动宽带

Refer to using 5G as an evolution to 4G LTE mobile broadband services with faster connections, higher throughput, and more capacity.
The initial phase of 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) deployments focuses on eMBB, which provides greater data-bandwidth complemented by moderate latency improvements on both 5G NR and 4G LTE. This will help to develop today’s mobile broadband use cases such as emerging AR/VR media and applications, UltraHD or 360-degree streaming video and many more.

  • URLLC:Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications

refer to using the network for mission critical applications that requires uninterrupted and robust data exchange.

  • mMTC:Massive Machine Type Communications 海量机器连接

refers to the type of usage that connect to large number of low power, low cost device in a wide area (LPWA) which have high requirements on scalability and increased battery lifetime.

  • massive IoT?
    at least 1M devices per km2.
    simplest devices that communicate infrequently; ultra-energy efficient (10+ year battery life).
  • NB-IoT: Narrowband IoT. (M2M)
    meters and sensors.
  • eMTC: enhanced Machine Type Communication.
AI(Artificial Intelligence)
  • ADAS:Advanced driver-assistance systems
  • AR / VR
    Virtual Reality.
    Augmented reality: an application of virtual reality in the real world. Mixed reality / hybrid reality / Computer-mediated reality.

An open interface standard that defines wireless power transfer, developed by the Wireless Power Consortium.

PRx - a power receiver & PTx - a power transmitter
Generic block diagram of a wireless power system
Generic block diagram of an inductive wireless power system
Evolution of cellular networks supporting IoT tracffic growth
scalability, coverage, availability, latency, interoperability, and security

OTN: Optical Transport Network

  • IMS: IP Multimedia Subsystem