Peak Chapter8 2/2

Chapter8 What about natural talent?


The issue had been rather unsettled.

释义:something such as a problem or argument that is unsettled has not been dealt with successfully
例:Some important issues remained unsettled after the peace talks.
造句:If you suspend the unsettled issues, it will cause more problems in the end.


The result from the chess study provide a crucial insight into the interplay between "talent" and practice in the development of various skill.

释义:the way in which two people or things affect each other:搭配interplay of例:the interplay of ideas
    搭配interplay between例: the interplay between military and civilian populations

造句:The interplay between property price and economy development is hard to tell.


A high score doesn't confer any additional benefit.

释义: confer a title/degree/honour etc to officially give someone a title etc, especially as a reward for something they have achieved 同义:  bestow搭配confer a title/degree/honour etc on/upon
例:An honorary degree was conferred on him by the University.造句:His brave behaviour conferred hounour to him.


But in reality, no one has figured out how to look at college football players and figure out which will be the best and which will be the duds.

释义:something that is useless, especially because it does not work correctly:

例:Several of the fireworks were duds.

可以用the best and the duds来表示有好有坏的对比关系。

造句:In schools,  whether a student is the best or the duds, is usually decideded only on scores.


微弱的优势slight advantage
.比... 好/差 除了用比较级表示,还可以用outweigh或/dwarf代替

今天的内容说的是innate characteristic和self-fulfilling prophecy的作用。智商在刚开始学习一项技能时确实可以发挥作用,高智商的人能更快速的入门,且成绩更好。但是这种优势会随着其他人的刻苦练习而渐渐消失。这就是古人总结的“勤能补拙”

IQ was linked with greater chess skill in young players but not in adult tournament players and not in masters and grandmasters.