Extended line

In the game, we need to observe the position of the obstacle and choose the length of the extension. Avoid obstacles, get stars and reach a specific destination. You can try it now! Let's try it together!

Simple screen and simple operation, let players like it, try it together!

In normal circumstances, there is a working set of voxel and geometry data which must be held in memory at all times and a set of data which is held purely for caching. The cache will be expanded and contracted automatically based on the amount of memory available on the system. So, the working set is the real concern here, especially if it is too large to hold in memory on your machine.If the frame rate is very low then there are two things you might want to try:

1. Make sure you are running a Release build, not a Debug build.

2. Try lowering the size of the "active region" by entering the following in

Also, the active region size controls the draw distance of the terrain, so reducing this value can improve performance by reducing load to the GPU.Additionally, geometry for each chunk in the active region is uploaded to the GPU the first time the chunk is drawn. This can cause an unacceptably low frame rate while the active region is being generated. In this case, once chunk generation is finished, the frame rate will return to normal. This issue can be considered a performance bug as I can probably schedule VAO creation more effectively.