EOS star project Everipedia passed the contract security audit of JohnWick Security lab

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It is understood that the JohnWick Security Lab received the EOS star project Everipedia (IQ) smart contract source code security audit requirements on January 30, 2019. Everipedia is the world's first and largest peer-to-peer encyclopedia project. Based on the rigor of technology and the attitude of being responsible to users, the team submitted its EOS smart contract security audit application to the global blockchain security capability service provider. At present, JohnWick Security Lab has completed the entire audit of the Everipedia contract. The audit categories are overflow, authority, assets, randomness, coding normative, automated fuzzing and other seven categories, and the comprehensive assessment is safe.

Everipedia & 降维安全

During the three-day audit, JohnWick Security Lab conducted a comprehensive review of the EOS star project Everipedia contract. At present, JohnWick Security Lab has completed all audit work. According to the report of JohnWick Security Lab team, JohnWick Security Lab has completed the Everipedia contract security audit and the audit results have been passed.
Everipedia & 降维安全
Everipedia & 降维安全

About EOS Star Project Everipedia:

In a nutshell, Everipedia is a similar product on Wikipedia. Founded in December 2014, EOS Star Project Everipedia (IQ) is the world's first and largest peer-to-peer encyclopedia project. Content creators who become knowledge bases will receive corresponding value rewards and be used to motivate content creators to join the community.

Everipedia is the next generation encyclopedia rebuilt for the modern world. Everipedia has more than 3 million independent monthly users and more than 6 million wiki articles, and the number is growing. It is already the world's largest English encyclopedia. Everipedia is free of advertising and is free for everyone under the content co-creation agreement.

About JohnWick Security lab:

John Wick Security Lab(Johnwick.io) adhering to the concept of "dimensionality reduction thinking, knowledge, attack, good defense", concentrates on building block chain security ecology. Its core members are well-known domestic security teams from Wuyun, Baidu Security, 360 Enterprise Security, Snow Watching Research Institute and so on.

With digital assets as the core entry point, the team provides all-round security solutions for block chain nodes around asset evaluation, circulation and storage, including credible assessment and testing for global digital asset exchanges and wallets, threats to intelligence security communities, asset security situational awareness and other solutions.

At present, its original deep neural network code audit engine can effectively and reliably audit the security of intelligent contracts. The independently developed contract early warning and monitoring system monitors thousands of upstream contracts. Auditor of Audit Safety Laboratory, through auditing more than 300 contracts, was selected as ETF's official intelligence contract auditing cooperation agency, cooperating with Firecoin, ZB, FCoin, Coinsuper, CoinTiger, BikiCoin, Kuin, BHEX, DragonEx, Bit. CC, ChainUP and Yuanxin have established a deep cooperative relationship with more than 100 security and ecological partners in block chains.