Suddenly my whole world was falling apart when receiving this message. It's funny that I just turned to our group chat "destiny" that they have already got started and can you guys help me with some measures. At first sight, it was really a matter of conspiracy from the man or the man with my mother. Isn't it sad?

Later on, I was told that someone broke the window and got through the doors and broke the suitcase! It sounds a little bit suspicious. Who on earth knows that in your suitcase there is a card with a great deal of money. And who is the hell so stupid to take a card instead of the cashes! I had a lot of confusion and have no idea what my mother would consider if she is doing such an awful thing to her daughter in this case!

But at last, I chose to believe that she is my mother and will always be whatever kinds of things she has done to me. Actually she sounded innocent. She may have been tricked and never know by herself. But as I know she falls for the man who has a mouth with honey covered, so deeply. What a pity and shame for her life. The more recollection of her life made me feel so sympathetic than resentful. But who cares, I still need to tell her in an indirect manner that you should be careful and keep an eye on those people who are close to you. Actually my aim was just the man! The very intruding man at the very period!

What I should and can do is just keep calm! The world still goes around and I can't prevent evil things happen but protect myself and my family with wisdom. Sure the wisdom needs the support of my friends! Destiny.