My life in Malaysia begins

I came to Malaysia on 23th November, so I have come to work in Xiamen University Malaysia for two weeks. I have an idea: With the English working environment, I try my best to write things happening here in English, adjusting into the environment. And it also helps me make more progress.

During these times, on one hand I am curious and attracted with the surroundings,  and on the other hand I feel a little lonely and miss my wife and my daughter, much concerned with them. Then I feel into the deep thinking about why I come here and what person I will become after two years’ staying here.

FirstlyI want to get rid of the safety zone and make a change. After 5 years’ workingas the graduate secretary, I feel I cannot make much progress and am tired ofdoing repetitive things. Therefore the opportunity of working in the overseascampus can make me experience more things and is good for my development.

Secondly,Xiamen University Malaysia is very young, being established just two years ago.So it needs a lot of talents to construct it. Also the country has initiatedthe policy of “one belt, one road”. My coming to Malaysia conforms to thepolicy and makes me learn a lot. Because everything here is not complete and I canbring into full play to the full strength.

Finally, the expert WuJun has said:the competition for global talents is not only bilingual, but also bicultural. Workinghere can make me encounter the Malaysian culture, Indian culture, AmericanCulture and so on. A lot of cultures are mixed here, so I can feel and learnthe way of different people behaving and speaking. It is indeed the preciousopportunity for me. Hope in the two years later I can develop a lot and becomebicultural international talent.

Last week I went to travel aroundthe center of Kuala Lumpur on Hop-On Hop-Off tour bus with my two colleagues. Ican show you some pictures in the following.

The train ticket

On the tour bus

National modque

National palace

KLCC mall

The famous twins tower

Rain with the sun

Beautiful compus




Night market in the Malai village