morning assemblies presentations

Kefallinou Loukia

Sun 10/13/2019 7:25 PM

Dear grade 10 students,

I know it's a very busy time of the year but morning assemblies give you an opportunity for a smooth wake up and a nice transition to the learning process.

Therefore, as mentioned in my previous email a few days ago, I would like two volunteers for this Friday, October 18th and for Tuesday, October 22nd who will present a very famous and important personality born in October such as John Lenon, Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Theodore Roosevelt, etc and a very important event such as the foundation of the United Nations on October 24th 1945 etc.

These presentation counts as Service as Action activities and gives you the chance to get up on stage, be communicators and knowledgeable!

Thank you,

Ms. Kefallinou

Loukia Kefallinou

IB DP/MYP Modern Greek Language and Literature Teacher

Head of Modern Greek Department

MYP Educational Committee member

Service as Action Coordinator

International School of Athens

Artemidos & Xenias Str.,

P.O. Box 51051, 14510 Kifissia, Greece

Tel.: +30 210 623 3888 (ext. 243), Fax: +30 210 623 3160


morning assemblies

Kefallinou Loukia

Sat 9/21/2019 3:01 PM

Dear MYP students,

Every Thursday and Friday the morning assemblies create a chance for you to gather together with your classmates in order to listen to every day's bulletin, learn from a presentation and sometimes contribute to an issue discussed. So this is a very good opportunity for you to wake-up in a very interesting and educational way!

Therefore, you need to see the ideas below so you can start thinking about what you may want to presentduring the upcoming morning assemblies (at least two students from each grade should present every assembly about the following issues).

You should send me an email ahead of time, at least a week ahead, with your theme/issue or person chosen so I can give you my consent in order to go ahead and present it. 

Create an awareness campaign about a global issue. You can choose a global issue or a current event that is connected to a Global Context, you can research about it and present it, eg. extreme hunger and poverty, environmental sustainability, universal education, climate change, homelessness, traditions, teen-pressure, global warning etc. 

“This month in History...” Organize a presentation of a major historical event in World History that happened during that month and present it eg.19 September 1356: English forces triumph at Poitiers 

Talk about inspirational people, people who changed the World eg. Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela etc

I am waiting for your ideas and suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your participation in the assemblies,