Today is Saturday.

Amelia received a call from Mrs. West. The old lady was very happy to tell Amelia that her cars had been sold and she didn't have to sold the lot. And she also told Amelia that she decided to donate the land to the community to build a park. It was a park made for adventures. All the people of the community were excited for the new park. Amelia invited Mrs. West to join in their explorer's club. That's the end.

Today is May 20th. In China it becomes a special day. The pronunciation of 520 in Chinese sounds like I love you. So some people say I love you or send some presents to their lovers. And some people will make proposals on the Cyber Valentine Day. It's an interesting social activity. People create many kinds of gifts showing 520. The merchants also love to produce and sell kinds of commodities which marked by 520 on the day. And the most direct way to express love is sending a red packet of 520 yuan by WeChat. So how about your plan of today? Share it to us.