Do you know "Zongzi"(史雅倩)

There are some formal and native

expressions, which I collected weeks ago to help us to describe better about Chinese

Dragon Boat Festival in English.

First how do we drscribe Zongzi.



With China playing a more and more important role in the world, many Chinese-specific expressions are accepted by west

countries such as Hukou system, Gaokao as well as Zongzi.

There are also other expressions:

sticky dumpling, rice dumpling, sticky rice



There are very easy to understand ^ω^

Second how do we introduce "Zongzi" to foreigner.

In China we have two kinds of tastes of Zongzi

咸粽 (salty) or 甜粽 (sweet)

we put yolk and pork together, (or dates and beans) with the sticky rice.

Third how to depict making"Zongzi"

This paragraph depicts that a foreigner learns how to make "Zongzi"

"With two bamboo leaves in hand, it takes a while for William Hennessy to learn how to fold them into a cone where glutinous rice and other fillings can be stuffed without leakage. Tying up in the final stage also took him some time, as the Zongzi he made frequently came loose."(source from CGTN)



Dear Liu, I make this added piece of work, because I want to make up for the stupid

error I had made this semester(the plagiarism in a paragraph of my reading report ).

Thanks for your warning, I knew that we

should do every work with our seriousness

now, and I will keep it in My mind forever.

Thanks for your teaching this semester


^V^best wishes


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