About me.

My name is Yufang.Is a real Chinese.I love my motherland.Now I am a teacher in a rural middle school.I love my job.

I am a little fat.For a time I was very distressed.A lot of ways to lose weight, but it all ended in failure. Now I am still very fat.

When you get fat, you are very clumsy.So I still want to lose weight.I'm slowly adjusting my diet, which is a bit of an effect.I believe my body will get better as time goes by.

The people in our family are very fat, which must have something to do with the food structure in our house.By my observation, I found that we had too much fat in our house, but not enough protein. So the whole family is obese.

I love my family.

My husband and I live in school and we have a black cat.It is cute.It's almost two years old.It's starting to heat up.It's a little out of the way. Go for a walk every day,It also like to shout at night, and we can't even sleep.I can't help it!

In this school, I have been working for 17 years, time flies!

The future will be more beautiful, I will continue to work hard!


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