A hit Japanese game about a frog who regularly disappears on vacation has been very popular among young Chinese for its "Buddha-style" gameplay.一款火爆的关于青蛙的日本游戏,因为其“佛系”的游戏设置,在国内的青年人中流行开来;游戏中的这只青蛙经常会消失,出去旅行。

❖ Travel Frog was the most downloaded free app on the Apple Store on Sunday (Jan 21), while the mobile game has been among the most searched topics on Sina Weibo this week.旅行青蛙在周天成为App Store下载最多的免费app.本周这款手机游戏也成为新浪微博上的热门话题。

❖ The game centres on a frog that goes on trips around Japan and sends back postcards, and sometimes local delicacies. Players are required to do very little: They can grow and collect clover in a virtual courtyard as in-game currency, and help the frog pack for a journey.游戏围绕着一只青蛙,这只青蛙经常会出去到日本各地旅行,寄回明信片,有时候也寄回一些当地佳肴。玩游戏的人要做的很少:在门口虚拟的院子里种植和收集三叶草,作为游戏中的虚拟货币,并帮助这只青蛙打包出行。

Jump the line 插队Skip the queue 插队Jump the queue 插队

❖ Shanghai Disneyland’s VIP Service allows high-paying customers to skip all queues for rides and attractions.上海迪士尼的VIP服务让付钱多的顾客插队,去玩所有的游乐设施。

Cut in line 插队 Line cutters 插队的人

❖ Nobody is happy with line cutters because they make us wait longer.人人都讨厌插队者,因为他们让大家等更久。

Line n.电话线路

❖ My line's been disconnected because I haven’t paid the bill.我因为没交费,电话被停机了。

Line n. [电影、话剧等的]台词

❖ I haven't learned my lines yet, and we've got our first rehearsal tomorrow.我们明天就要进行第一次排练了,可我连台词还没记熟呢。

Queue n. 队;队列

❖ Are you in the queue for tickets?你是在排队买票吗?

Keep an eye on sth. 照看;留意;留神

❖ Keep an eye on my bag while I go and make a phone call, will you?我去打电话的时候,帮我照看一下包,可以吗?

❖ Will you keep an eye on my bag while I go to get the tickets?我去买车票时帮我照看一下包吗?

Keep one's eyes open for sth. 保持警惕

❖ I'm keeping my eyes open for a sale on winter coats.我时刻在关注着冬季外套的降价销售呢。

Roll one's eyes 翻白眼

❖ I rolled my eyes as my dad told another one of his corny jokes.我爸讲了他的另一个老掉牙的笑话,我瞪了他一眼。

With one's eyes closed 闭着眼都能做; 非常容易

❖ It took me a little while to get used to this job,but now I could do it with my eyes closed!起初熟悉这个活花了好一阵子时间,但现在我闭着眼睛就可以做。

Eye contact 目光接触

❖ He's very shy and never makes eye contact.他很腼腆,从不与别人有目光接触。