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The River mouth at dawn,

Behind a white haze of mist.

'Tis southern climes, 

Behold, the rain is coming.

I've seen the blue sea all along,

Little aware of this green River.

O the land of my ancestors.——Sparkling Stars ,156


1. verb

If you behold someone or something, you see them.


She looked into his eyes and beheld madness. [VERB noun]

He was a joy to behold. [VERB]

Synonyms: look at, see, view, eye 

2. convention

People used to say or write 'Behold' to draw people's attention to something.

[humorous , literary , old-fashioned]

Fear Not. Behold The Saviour.

Behold a series of thrilling photographs of Felix.


Fuzhou of Fujian Province will always be my old home. Though I was brought up elsewhere, Fuzhou is nonetheless the land of my ancestors!

Nonetheless means the same as nevertheless.

You use nevertheless when saying something that contrasts with what has just been said.

Synonyms: even so, still, however, yet


There was still a long way to go. Nonetheless, some progress had been made.

His face is serious but nonetheless very friendly.


As yet, I have been back to Fuzhou no more than twice in my lifetime. I made the first tripe in the winter of 1911. Returned from the bitter cold North with its drab and dried up vegetation, I was amazed and delighted when greeted by the charming scenery of sapphire mountains and emerald rivers as well as red flowers and green leaves. I felt the sailing boat of my life steering its way into the green River after leaving the blue sea behind. At the Minjiang River, we changed from the big ship to a small boat, which took us to Daqiaotou (Big Bridge), where we were met by Uncle and cousins. They gathered round us and talked warmly with my parents in the local dialect. Thereupon, my 5-year-old younger brother whispered in my ear with a Shandong accent, “How come they can all speak the Fuzhou dialect?” We had both thought that the Fuzhou dialect was indeed most difficult for anyone to learn.



If you describe something as drab, you think that it is dull and boring to look at or experience.

Mary was wearing the same drab grey dress.

...his drab little office.

The rest of the day's activities often seemed drab or depressing.

Synonyms: dull, grey, gloomy, dismal

dry up  (使)干涸;讲不出话来

1. phrasal verb

If something dries up or if something dries it up, it loses all its moisture and becomes completely dry and shrivelled or hard.

As the day goes on, the pollen dries up and becomes hard. [VERB PREPOSITION]

Warm breezes from the South dried up the streets. [VERB PREPOSITION noun]


dried-up  adjective

...a tuft or two of dried-up grass.

2. phrasal verb

If a river, lake, or well dries up, it becomes empty of water, usually because of hot weather and a lack of rain.

Reservoirs are drying up and farmers have begun to leave their land. [VERB PREPOSITION]

The fountain is reputed never to dry up. [VERB PREPOSITION]

dried-up  adjective

...a dried-up river bed.

3. phrasal verb

If a supply of something dries up, it stops.

Investment could dry up and that could cause the economy to falter. [VERB PREPOSITION]

Credit from foreign banks is drying up. [VERB PREPOSITION]

The company laid off 65,000 workers after commercial-jet orders dried up. [VERB PREPOSITION]

4. phrasal verb

If you dry up when you are speaking, you stop in the middle of what you were saying, because you cannot think what to say next.

If you ask her what she's good at she will dry up after two minutes. [VERB PREPOSITION]

sapphire  蓝宝石

emerald  绿宝石

steer  驶进 (船,车,飞机);引导,引领

(stɪəʳ  )

1. verb

When you steer a car, boat, or plane, you control it so that it goes in the direction that you want.

What is it like to steer a ship this size? [VERB noun]

When I was a kid, about six or seven, she would often let me steer the car along our driveway. [VERB noun preposition]

[Also VERB]

Synonyms: drive, control, direct, handle   More Synonyms of steer

2. verb

If you steer people towards a particular course of action or attitude, you try to lead them gently in that direction.

The new government is seen as one that will steer the country in the right direction. [VERB noun preposition]

I think you are perfectly correct in trying to steer your mother towards increased independence. [VERB noun preposition]

3. verb

If you steer someone in a particular direction, you guide them there.

Nick steered them into the nearest seats. [VERB noun preposition]

Synonyms: direct, lead, guide, conduct   More Synonyms of steer

4. verb

If you steer a particular course, you take a particular line of action.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has sought to steer a course between the two groups. [VERB noun preposition]

In nearly all these issues the British steered a middle course. [VERB noun]

5. countable noun

A steer is a bull that has been castrated.


From then on, we lived an urban life for more than a year in Fuzhou. During such festivals as Lunar New Year, Lantern, Dragon Boat and Mid-Autumn, we all celebrated the festivities with plenty of food and fun. Particular mention, however, should be made of the Lantern Festival when Nanhoujie, the street known for its lantern fair and also the street where we lived, became as bright as broad daylight at night with myriads of lanterns and streams of spectators. The splendor and magnificence of the scene is beyond all description.

festivity  岁时节日

1. uncountable noun

Festivity is the celebration of something in a happy way.

There was a general air of festivity and abandon.

Synonyms: merrymaking, fun, pleasure, amusement   More Synonyms of festivity

2. countable noun [usually plural]

Festivities are events that are organized in order to celebrate something.

The festivities included a huge display of fireworks.

Synonyms: celebration, party, festival, entertainment


1. quantifier

A myriad or myriads of people or things is a very large number or great variety of them.

They face a myriad of problems bringing up children. [+ of]

These myriads of fish would be enough to keep any swimmer entranced for hours. [+ of]

2. adjective [ADJECTIVE noun]

Myriad means having a large number or great variety.

...British pop and culture in all its myriad forms.

...the myriad tiny animals and plants living in the ice.

Synonyms: innumerable, countless, untold, incalculable


A spectator is someone who watches something, especially a sporting event.

Thirty thousand spectators watched the final game.

Synonyms: onlooker, observer, viewer, witness


I made the second visit in 1956, also in winter. As the Yingtan_Xiamen Railway had not yet been built, the NPC delegation, with myself as a member, had to go from Jiangxi Province by car. The highway from Jiangxi to Fuzhou, paved with red soil, was as smooth as a mirror(英文常用比喻). It was the most level soil-paved highway I had ever seen. This time I visited not only Fuzhou, but also Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen and Gulangyu—the southern frontiers of our country. At the Xiamen seaside, I could see clearly through a telescope pedestrians and cows on the Quemoy Islands.


verb [usually passive]

If a road or an area of ground has been paved, it has been covered with flat blocks of stone or concrete, so that it is suitable for walking or driving on.

The avenue had never been paved, and deep mud made it impassable in winter. [be VERB-ed]

Synonyms: cover, floor, surface, flag

*(Uband 词汇班)pave the way for sth


A frontier is a border between two countries.


It wasn't difficult then to cross the frontier.


in AM, usually use border

Synonyms: border, limit, edge, bound


My experiences of this trip, however, are too numerous to be recounted one by one here. Anyway, I deeply love Fuzhou, my ancestral home. Over there we have the typical southern scenery with blue mountains, green waters, limpid brooks…! There in the courtyard we can always see some kind of flowers in full bloom throughout the year. Fruits ranging from loquats, lichees, longans to tangerines are in plenty. Is there anything more palatable to a little child than these fruits?


青山绿水 blue mountains and green waters


1. adjective

If you say that something is limpid, you mean that it is very clear and transparent.


...limpid blue eyes.

...limpid rock-pools.

Synonyms: clear, bright, pure, transparent

2. adjective

If you describe speech, writing, or music as limpid, you like it because it is clear, simple and flowing.

[literary , approval]

He thought the speech a model of its kind, limpid and unaffected.

Synonyms: understandable, clear, lucid, unambiguous


1.countable noun

A brook is a small stream.

Synonyms: stream, burn [Scottish , Northern England] , rivulet, gill [dialect]   More Synonyms of brook

2. verb

If someone in a position of authority will brook no interference or opposition, they will not accept any interference or opposition from others.

She'd had a plan of action, one that would brook no interference. [VERB noun]

The army will brook no weakening of its power. [VERB noun]

Synonyms: tolerate, stand, allow, suffer


I did not visit all the local attractions in Fuzhou. Everywhere we could find historical relics as well as villages and towns inhabited by relatives of overseas Chinese. Fujianese expatriates are found all over the world. They have mostly started from scratch by the sweat of their brow. When I met some of them on my visits to Asian, African European and American countries, they all expressed warm feeling towards me while shaking my hands. As I ate Fuzhou food and sipped jasmine tea in their homes or shops, I felt that being a Fujianese, I could make myself at home wherever I travelled in the world.


An expatriate is someone who is living in a country which is not their own.

...British expatriates in Spain.

Synonyms: exile, refugee, emigrant, émigré   More Synonyms of expatriate

Expatriate is also an adjective.

白手起家 to start from scratch

靠自己的辛勤劳动 by the sweat of one's brow(额头 )


My ancestral home is so endearing. Whenever I meet somebody hailing from Fuzhou or a friend who has recently been there, I always inquire of them about the present conditions of Fujian. They all tell me that compared with two decades ago, Fujian has made so much progress that it is now almost beyond recognition. Recently I have learned that people there have gone in for scientific farming and afforestation so that green and luxuriant vegetation has appeared on all mountains and fields. People have been advising me to pay another visit to my old home. Yes, I am more than eager to do so. And so are my numerous fellow townsmen in all corners of the world. I hope that together with all the people in my home town as well as all overseas Chinese from Fujian, I can do my bit to make a still better place of my ancestral home, both materially and culturally.


adj. 可爱的;讨人喜欢的;引起爱情的


1. I come here, as an (humorously) "endearing" personality, with characteristics to which I hope you can relate.


2. She recommends adhering to company policies and endearing yourself to your boss before asking for flexibility.



1. verb [usually passive  ]    赞赏

If a person, event, or achievement is hailed as important or successful, they are praised publicly.

Faulkner has been hailed as the greatest American novelist of his generation. [be VERB-ed + as]

U.S. magazines hailed her as the greatest rock'n'roll singer in the world. [VERB noun + as]

The deal was hailed by the Defence Secretary. [be VERB-ed]

[Also be V-ed n]

Synonyms: acclaim, honour, acknowledge, cheer   More Synonyms of hail

2. uncountable noun  冰雹

Hail consists of small balls of ice that fall like rain from the sky.

...a sharp short-lived storm with heavy hail.

Synonyms: hailstones, sleet, hailstorm, frozen rain   More Synonyms of hail

3. verb  下冰雹

When it hails, hail falls like rain from the sky.

It started to hail, huge great stones. [VERB]

Synonyms: rain, shower, pelt   More Synonyms of hail

4. singular noun     一连串

A hail of things, usually small objects, is a large number of them that hit you at the same time and with great force.

The victim was hit by a hail of bullets. [+ of]

The riot police were met with a hail of stones and petrol bombs.

Synonyms: shower, rain, storm, battery   More Synonyms of hail

5. verb  来自

Someone who hail  s from a particular place was born there or lives there.


I hail from Brighton. [VERB + from]

The band hail from Glasgow. [VERB from noun]

6. verb

If someone or something hails from a particular background, they come from it.


He hails from an affluent background. [VERB from noun]

This is a film which seems to hail from the hippie era. [VERB from noun]

7. verb  联系,打电话

If you hail someone, you call to them.


Jill saw him and hailed him. [VERB noun]

Suddenly, a voice hailed us and there was Miss Quigley. [VERB noun]

Synonyms: salute, call, greet, address   

8. verb

If you hail a taxi, you wave at it in order to stop it because you want the driver to take you somewhere.

I hurried away to hail a taxi. [VERB noun]

Synonyms: flag down, summon, signal to, wave down   More Synonyms of hail


1. adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun]

Luxuriant plants, trees, and gardens are large, healthy, and growing well.

There were two very large oak trees in front of our house with wide spreading branches and luxuriant foliage.

Synonyms: lush, rich, dense, abundant  

2. adjective

If you describe someone's hair as luxuriant, you mean that it is very thick and healthy.

Hair that's thick and luxuriant needs regular trimming.

致力于 go in for

尽自己一份力量 do one's  bit