Are you deceived by it---Don't judge a book by its cover.

Don't judge a book by its cover. Almost all of us think it is true. But it is not the case in real life. 

One day, I met a student in the bus. We talked about her performance in the afternoon interview. Her job objective is to work in the front desk at a hotel. But she was annoyed by HR manager's question-why did you want to change your position from the swithch board to the front desk? 

Frankly speaking, the position needs those good-looking people. This is almost the usual practice. My student may be not aware of it. She is just plain looking. So, the HR manager probably hoped she could show her advantages and persuaded the manager she was the best candidate for the position. 

Obviously, those with good-looking appearances tend to be easier to get job opportunities than those with plain-looking faces. All of us know beauty is only the skin deep. But in our inner heart, appearance affects our judgement. At least, our first impression on someone is influenced by his or her appearance.

I don't mean we should invest a lot in our appearances. I just want to remind you of the truth. We'd better combine our capabilities with appearances. That may be the best policy.