A toy

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Most children have lots of toys when they were younger. But not all the toys can leave good memories for them. I am going to share with you my favorite toy in my childhood which is a miniature robot. My grandfather gave it to me as my 8th birthday gift. When I received this, I was super excited, because I was always interested in some so called boys toys rather than dolls. If my relatives give me Barbie dolls, I would definitely leave it alone. I gave this robot a name called Robi, and the appearance about Robi is black and white with a cool helmet. Meanwhile the most amazing things that Ribo could do such as singing, dancing and even recording a sentence within 30 seconds. I remember I had a fight with my cousin, as I wanted to play his car models but he didn't allow me to play. Things were not serious, but I refused to reconcile with him. Finally I made up my mind to apologize to him. But I didn't have the guts to say sorry comfronting with him. So I recorded a sentence to show my attitude and let Robi walk into my cousin's room. We ended up getting back together. Sometimes, your toy not only stuff, but can be a helper to help you get out of trouble as well.