Opening of 311the meeting. Travel

Opening prologue, 311th meeting


Hello everybody, I am so glad to see all of you here in this noon. It's rainy noon. But, it does not prevent us coming together to take this 311th meeting. "So said, so be done". Just like today theme Travel. "So said, so to go".

(Ask the audience) Do you like travel?
(Ask the audience) Do you have travel every year?
(Ask the audience) What's you favorite place?
(Ask the audience) Do you believe travel can change ones life?

Personally, to myself , most of my travel is pure entertainment, just visit scenic, enjoying food, take the "Ever been here" style picture. But, the traveling memory are always the most impressive part of our life. Ordinary people has ordinary journey.

When one is young, he is looking forward to the distant place and poem. When one is old, he wants to go back his birth place. That's why human race history is some kind of history of travel.(Ask the audience) In China history, there's the most famous travel. Do you know that? It's well known to both kids and old men and women.

Yeah, the Xi You Ji is a fictitious story. But, the prototype is true. The Xuan Zan monk leaves China middle land on 628 A.C. and back to Chang An 645, it takes almost 25000KM. But, what I want to tell you, is a small unofficial story about his white horse, the prototype of white long horse in Xi You ji.

After such long journey, the white horse gets back to his home land, the Chen House Valley . The white horse describes his traveling story to his best childhood friend, the black donkey.

"I went across the wide Gobi desert, the storm cover my eyes. I saw the sunset of snow white mountain, it's unimaginable golden. I arrived the top, I thought I touched the heaven. I went through the black pine tree forest, I met savage, and monsters, I almost became the their little snack after supper...But, I just kept on walking or running. Last month, after I am back to Chang An, the Emperor Tang, has honored me as White Long Horse of Tang."

The black Donkey say: “you have so wonderful experience and get the splendid honor just by keeping on walking. But, in past ten years, I also never stop walking. But, why I got nothing? Next month, my master will sell me out to the butcher. Maybe next time, when you see me again, I will become the Donkey burger."

The white horse blinks and thinks for a while, then say a sentence that donkey never forgets. "Maybe just because I walk toward to a destination, but you walk in a circle."