[Quora] 是什么让人懒惰?


What makes people lazy?



Chris Bell

Other people's perceptions.

My dad thinks I'm lazy because I don't get up at six every morning and spend the day in a factory. I think my son is lazy because he spends his free time on his Xbox. The dog thinks I'm lazy because it's 10am and I haven't taken her out for a walk yet. When we get back from our walk I'll think she's lazy because she'll lay in her basket for most of the rest of the day.
我老爸认为我很懒,因为我没有在 6 点钟就起床,然后一整天都待在工厂。我认为自己的儿子很懒,因为他把所有的空闲时间都花在 Xbox 上玩游戏。我家的狗认为我很懒,因为都已经是 10 点了,我却还不带它出去散步。当我们散步回来之后,我觉着这条狗很懒,因为在这之后它一直躺在它的狗窝里面不出来。

If I want to lay on the sofa all day binge-watching throwaway TV shows and you want to do it too, then everything is great and neither of us is being lazy. But if you're dropping pop-corn out of your gawping mouth while I'm trying to cook and clean and email and text, then you're lazy and I'll likely tell you as much.

Lazy is just a label we append to other people's behaviours that we don't like.

Frankly, it's lazy.