Day 15丨France's Next Revolution

(计时君:7:24~7:49 25min)




(某情况)已经持续很多年了     It has been many years since...

虽然承诺过要这么做,但并没有退出。   did not withdraw from the race, despite having promised to do so.

获胜几率大幅减少。    chances of winning are dramatically weakened.

(而)在那些...的之中    Of those who...

...的优胜之处在于    a victory for ... would be

It's perhaps no coincidene that...


认真尝试做      serious attempt at 

在人们记忆中       in living memory

对...的愤怒          fury at   ['fjʊərɪ]

激起某人的人愤怒       fuelling one's anger

面对.../在……面前       in the face of

牵动神经、令人不安     jangle nerves


The baby's crying jangled my nerves.


不断的恐怖袭击      repeated terrorist attacks

认真对待(或解决)…;设法对付…         get to grips with

come (或 get) to grips (with)





反对当局,把烂政客赶下台去        throw the bums out  (本意流浪汉,也指代 (业务等)差劲的人 )

让自己与...保持距离             distance herself from

把…关在外面;把…排斥在外           shut out (the rest of the world)

阻碍对外贸易       obstruct foreign trade

swap...for (a resurrected 使恢复应用)

If you swap one thing for another, you remove the first thing and replace it with the second, or you stop doing the first thing and start doing the second. 调换

号召举行全民投票    call a referendum on doing

缺乏,不擅长          be short on

把自己说成是         pitch oneself as

If someone pitches an idea for something such as a new product, they try to persuade people to accept the idea. 力荐(某主张)

proximate cause    近因;直接原因


is becoming= is growing

fall/decrease=  saw its chances sink




The hallmark of something or someone is their most typical quality or feature. 标志; 特征

upheaval  巨变

anguish ['æŋɡwiʃ]   n.                                                                                                                                                               



clinch the presidency 赢得总统选举

Presidential ballot ['bælət]   总统选举

insurgent candidate (insurgencies)

upstart     新贵


resulting realignment     最后的(总统候选人的排列)组合


Reverberations are serious effects that follow a sudden, dramatic event. 反响; 轰动

revitalise  使有新的活力;使新生;使具有活力

self-dealing of their ruling class     假公济私;谋私交易

standard-bearer        旗手;领导人

allegedly   [ə'ledʒɪdlɪ] 依其申述;据说,据称

has long been sluggish    萧条的;迟钝的;行动迟缓的;懒惰的

sap country's vitality    使一国的活力丧失殆尽(使衰竭,使伤元气;)

malaise    [mæ'leɪz]     不舒服;心神不安

cultural rift    文化裂缝

(do /perform an) overhaul of 对...进行全面整修、翻修

stasis  停滞

ail   使苦恼,使烦恼

evict sb. from       驱逐

anti-semitic     [,æntisi'mitik]   反对犹太人的;排犹的

decry sth. as     责难,谴责;诽谤

fomenter of ...   [,fəu'mentə]   煽动者;挑唆者

mosque     [mɒsk]    清真寺

staunchly    ['stɔ:ntʃli]   坚定地;忠实地

hitherto   至今

beleaguer    围攻;围

slash the labour code

repudiation     否认,拒绝;抛弃,断绝关系

more insular and nastier/'nɑ:sti/   更孤立、更难应对

doom a union

hefty loan    价格不菲的

run-off   决赛,决胜选举

stanch the flow of immigrants to a trickle 把移民潮降至最低 (stanch 止流;trickle  细流)